🚀Bitcoin DASH & Digibyte (Blockchain trading) (((LIVE))) - Arcane Bear 🐻

in altcoins •  last year 

With healthy uptrends in all of the altcoins Tijo looks at the charts and trend lines to see what's happening and what we can expect in the upcoming weeks.
Tijo also discusses DASH and Digibyte and explains why these older pow chains seem to have more consistent value returns than ERC 20 tokens and other tokens like Cardano or neo.
Includes thoughts on profit taking and a Q and A session.

Source - Arcane Bear (YT channel)
Find Tijo here @thearcanebear

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@conformity thanks for shearing your knowledge, specially thanks for the awesome video...Keep good work..Best of luck

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Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!