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Good day Steemians

I have been following CHAINCOIN:



There is a very big community that is driving the price by "Buying and hudling"

The community is building buy order walls and gradually moving it to new levels. They basically choke the supply. The beauty comes in with the master nodes. They use the money they make to build a stronger buy order wall.

People are saying it is a PUMP and DUMP. I dont think so.

I think this is Genius and if the community stick together its going to be big.

Please lets share our thoughts.

You can buy Chaincoin on Cryptopia.co.nz

Happy trading/investing


Everything looks good for chaincoin except the 192 BTC sell wall at .003

Chaincoin is on the backfoot but I believe if the people stick together it will go up again.

It's still seems strong just HODL!