Sweatcoin, the app that pays you to exercise !

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 The Sweatcoin app counts users’ steps through their smartphone and  then rewards them with its own cryptocurrency: the Sweatcoin. As of  January 18, 2018, it is currently No. 5 out of the App Store’s free  apps, only behind the new Google Arts & Culture app, Netflix,  Instagram and YouTube. 

 Sweatcoin has 2 million active weekly users and gained more  than five million users overall in 2017. Those who download Sweatcoin  can link up their phones’ accelerometers and GPS data to the app. They  are then rewarded 0.95 in Sweatcoin for every 1,000 steps they walk. Sweatcoin can be accumulated and then spent within its economy on  workout clothing, classes, gift cards, and even iPhones and Apple  Watches. Participants can also donate their coin to partner charities. 


I have had this for a few weeks now and it’s not real accurate only about 1k steps were sent from my 7k

I can see this trending in the future. Thanks for sharing i will look more into it.

yes definitely

This is a pretty cool idea! Wonder what sweatcoin gets out of it.

its all way of promotion

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