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in altcoin •  10 months ago

With the split of Bitcoin into Bitcoin there does seem to be a new dynamic in the Cryptocurrency world.

Now we can clearly see it is not only, all about Bitcoin.

True, Bitcoin is the still the Daddy, but other coins are making there way slow but steady.

If you can call swings up and down of 50% in one day, slow. But this is the wild wild Cryptocurrency frontier.

I compared the whole Cryptocurrency market to, Schrödinger's Cryptocurrency Cat, in an old Post.

"When I contemplate Cryptocurrencies, I cannot seem to get the image of,

"Schrödinger's Cat," out of my mind."

If you invest in any of the Alt-coins, you are entering the,

Mathematical Mythical Magical World of the Blockchain Beasts.

Inside this,Mathematical Magical Box sits, Schrödinger's Cryptocurrency Cat.

And everything is possible while the box remains closed.

The currency goes up and up and down and down and up and down.

The, Quantum Crypto Wave, does not collapse, until you cash out.

So, your, Schrödinger's Cryptocurrency Cat is worth $$Zillions

or nothing or both or everything

or just a Dutch Tulip.

Until you make that final decision, to cash out and collapse that Quantum Crypto Wave,

into, what ever the price is, outside the box.

But as I started this Post.

Where we're going, we don't need....... Bitcoin.



But we may need Wine & Beer......



Live Long and Prosper.

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