Igor our Russian Coordinator - Monthly Update: September 2018

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Greetings to the entire Cloak community!

September was a very productive month. During this time, almost all scheduled tasks were accomplished:

- First of all, was translated and published video interview between our Australian Coordinator Joshua and a well-known expert in the field of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, Igor Porokh (from the “ituber” community). You can watch video here.

- The work with the presentation brochure is almost finished and will be available within 1-2 weeks. This brochure is necessary for newcomers and especially needed to inform all interested about cryptocurrency CloakCoin.

- Was made a final CloakCoin adoption plan, that will help Cloak coordinators to work on promoting Cloak as a best payment method for various industries. Also we analyzed all the risks and problems that may arise during the process of adoption. Now we are working on their analysis and the best solutions.

- The sketch of visual material for the marketing kit is finally ready. Now it's under testing process. This visual material will play an important marketing role during participation in various conferences and forums.

- Mine article regarding privacy and solution has been published. Check it out.

- CloakCoin Coordinators organized first video call, where we discussed future plans and shared various ideas regarding Cloak marketing and promotion. These meetings will be held every 2 weeks and the main points of our meetings will be published on the Cloak website.

Plans for October:

- Printing and publishing a final version of presentation brochure.

- Picking the final version of the visual marketing material kit (after thorough testings).

- Starting my work according to the CloakCoin adoption plan (preparation of all necessary documents, welcome letters, etc.).

- To make and publish video from which you will learn how to make an anonymous ENIGMA transaction and how to participate as a Cloaker.

- Working on a new ideas for the further CloakCoin development.

- Visit the blockchain conference Riga COMM 2018

- Make a time schedule plan for visiting and speaking at conferences in 2019y., and to make a presentation draft for my speech as well.
That's all for now!

And yes, if you always want to be aware of the latest updates, join our social networks!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cloak_Russia

Vkontakte: https://vk.com/cloakcoinrussia

Telegram: https://t.me/CloakCoinRussian
With respect,
Cloak Community

Russian Coordinator Igor (Telegram: @IgorsLAT)

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