Is the devils tower in Alpine New Jersey more than haunted?

in alpine •  2 months ago

Suspect that the tower is a perfect place for an antenna acting as an extender as well. Perhaps, the "illegal search and seizure" hub of the world because the tower is literally perfectly positioned for the job?

Stop Stingrays : Ask USA to create something that protects the privacy of Americans by offering a warrant first be served for investigative informations retention. The 702 Policy sucks. But, it's not all that bad... Santa came to New Jersey this year!

Tech sus theory 101 (Pokemon Go hypothetical) If you remember the shadow ban. Ask Pokemon Go app? Where were the positions pinging when location trace appears to "bounce" as if the signal is overloaded by a Stingray hack device. Perhaps, the shadow ban was so heavily talked about because the repositioning of signal from illegal search and seizure conduct would impair players ability to catch mews. Hypothetically, the overload of signal allows the Stingray device to appear as the signal of the cellphone which offers reverse ping trace by device holders in some cases to the closest device. At current. I may be within a golf shot of one. And, all I want to know is; "What the mew are you talking about banning me susing that I'm a robot player? Was it discord? Well, how else can anyone get the assembly required to have a chance to ball up a Mew?

Conspiracies about the tower are multiple. But, what if?

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