Alphabet Art Challenge - 'C' is for Carefree (a poem)

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Under the gun with this daily deadline, but I'm determined to get a post in before I go to bed. Enjoy.

'C' is for Carefree

Cool as a cucumber
Crazy as a loon
Laid back like an otter
On a hot afternoon

Sleeping in
Stay up all night
What ever shall happen
Will be all right

Sipping coffee
Candy Crush fix
Working then playing
Makes a good mix

Smooch the good husband
Write a short phrase
Th' Dogs whine to go out
Ah, these are the days

My boys just called me
My heart is full
Y' ain't living life right
If you think it's dull

Break out the paint
The glitter, the glue
Throw color on canvas
Like no one sees you

Sing in the shower
Dance wild as can be
'Cause life feels much better
When you're a little carefree.

© 2017 Meredith Loughran. All rights reserved.

Images via Pixabay 1 , 2 , 3

The Rules of the Challenge

  • Create an original work every day for 26 days.
  • Each day begins with the letter of the alphabet. ie. Day 1 - letter A; Day 2 - letter B, Day 3 - letter C, etc.
  • All forms of artistic expression is welcome. This includes traditional and digital art, short stories, doodles, photography, songwriting, poetry, or any other kind of creativity you can come up with.
  • IF YOU MISS A DAY START FROM THE BEGINNING. <<how's that for motivation?

Don't forget to use hashtag #alphabetartchallenge in your post so we can find your work.

Meredith Loughran blogs on @merej99

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Nice poem... and I totally adore the photo of the otters, speaking of carefree! Pretty tough challenge... "go back to the start if you miss one..." wow!


ARGH! I missed last night. I guess I'm starting back at A. LOL
At some point I'm going to say screw that and keep going but I guess I'll stick to the rules. :P

This is a really cute poem. I like how you're switching things up between art forms, keeping it fresh!


Thankfully the challenge allows some freedom to express. It doesn't have to be a drawing a day. :)
Sadly, I missed last night so I'm starting at A again. :P


Another chance to express "A" in another way ☺

Hi merej, i like how you dp the formatting on your posts. Im having a hard to do this gosh! 😂


Hi @awesomenyl - How are you and your beautiful baby? Holidays are going to be fun with a little one :)

Okay to format the post with pictures on the left or right...
< div class="pull-right" >add the link of your picture here then close with < /div>
Just make sure to remove the extra spaces. To left justify the photos, replace with "pull-left"


Ohh, i dont know if i saw this in the guidelist. Thanks merej, I really want to try this type of formatting. And i like this alphabetchallenge post esp now my head is full of kids ryhme 😂

Btw, my baby is 10 months now, she's funny and cute. She knows how to walk and play outside already, eating a lot, crying and laughing. She's my angel and my everything. I can't wait until she grows up when we can do the matchy matchy *twinning clothes* 😁

Woah! Coming from your other alphabet posts, this certainly took me by surprise! This was a great poem, with a really catchy tune to it. I can't help but notice the non-rhyme of 'full' and 'dull' though :/ Other than that, everything was awesome!


I'm pretty sure I won't accomplish a drawing a day so I wanted to switch up using different art expressions but I missed D day so it's back to the beginning.
Oh, these are definitely 4 line stanzas. I didn't notice how the picture broke this one in half until you mentioned the non-rhyme:

My boys just called me
My heart is full
Y' ain't living life right
If you think it's dull


Hmm? Oh yeah, I read it as one whole stanza. I meant "full" and "dull" didn't rhyme, unless you intended it not to.

Man, that clause about starting over! Sorry about that. Sooner or later, people are going to run out of Xs if they repeat that multiple times haha! I've done the 30-day challenge about three months back so I know how hard it is to keep posting per day. What I did is I wrote about 3 to 5 posts whenever I'm free then I scheduled to post daily.

wonderful poem and beautiful art challengers, thank you so much my friend, for this post.

Did you get my last message ? :)

Oh man, starting from 'A' again after missing a day would be the end of me -- and the letter 'A'! Good for you on trying this challenge! Your carefree attitude will help out a lot! : )

This place isn't the same without you merej. :(

I hope all is well, my friend.