Not Gonna Write A Long Post

in aloneinasocialworld •  3 months ago

It's already complicated finding the right people here on the platform, I won't waste your time with shitty #blahblah posts.


I'm a funny guy
I think
Actually, I'm kinda funny
You need to know me to understand my 8th level of funniness
Yes funniness
I like that word, and even Grammarly likes it
So it must be okay

So this story is about a guy writing posts on a blockchain
He talks to people on
And is in some discord channels
Yet this guy is like, why do I need those damn chats
Since he's on a "social" platform
He's like, let's chat here

But then nobody writes him any comments
This guy don't mind the post payouts
He just wants... friends



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Hey there! Consider this my comment.
So what's your plan for world domination today?

Edit: this was posted earlier, but somehow didn't get through and yet showed up on my computer. weird.