Introduce myself, I am a newcomer to steemit

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Greetings opener


Introduce my name Redha Pahlevi.SH, Usually called Redha or Abenk, I was born in the middle of Lhokseumawe town in the village of Simpang Empang of Kuta trieng village.

I am very happy with the city of my birth that was not filled with the building. Unlike today almost every intersection and alley is full of buildings Now I have settled in West Java precisely in the city of Bogor.


Now I spend a lot of time on the road full of obstacles to congestion and pollution and almost every day I feel it because of my job as an online motorcycle driver.

Along with fellow drivers of online motorcycle taxi drivers during the latest app training in Kudo office

Although many friends and friends of my friends to prohibit me as an ojek driver online because I have a law degree. Not I do not hear with advice or words all because it's hard to find a job in a big city and maybe here my sustenance I should take home for my small family. Nevertheless I am not unyielding to seek better for the future.


Behind the other side I also used to be a former drug addict and thank God Alhamdulillah I can be separated from all of it because of the intention and for the support and advice from relatives friends and friends to follow the Rehabilitation at BNN Bogor.

This photo is a picture of my dark past when I became a drug addict

* This photo when I have undergone rehabilitation at National Narcotics Agency for six months in Lido Bogor*

Now I am married to a woman who loves me with my shortcomings. In this case my wife always encourages my life to the best and not to repeat my youth which is drowned with the dark world.

This is my little family who sparked my life from my downturn in the dark, and which always gives me the spirit to run a happy future

So many backgrounds and my profile.
In this case I will be grateful to one of my friends in #Aceh @azirgraff who has visited me my residence exactly in bogor.

Within a few days at my residence, I saw his activities always photographing what was considered attractive to him. Until a question marked myself to what the results of the portrait of it all. That's when my friend @azirgraff introduced a new social media account even gave unlimited work opportunities and could produce. He successfully influenced me to introduce steemit, strangely I just believed he told me about neutrality and a vast community and he also told me that The original post without plagiarism and good quality and not invite racist.

This is my friend @azirgraff who gives understanding and knowledge about steemit

For me this is a science and also very useful information that I can get in my busy selah-selah Meanwhile, my friend @azirgraff also told me a little bit closer to his tutor at #Aceh steemit with @curiesea, @radiv and @ejhaasteem assisted by some other educated tutors @muftykutink and @jamhuery and will introduce them directly when I return to Aceh.

After I learned and understood, I appreciate more steemit because if I did not know about the limitations of steem that must be maintained in the form of plagiarism and appreciate the work of others.

On this occasion I also hope to steam users to be able to help and provide guidance as well as constructive criticism and suggestions.

Thank you.

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Hello @abenksteem welcome!!

I'm @andyluy and I've been here for almost 2 months, and I can tell you that steemit is the most amazing thing I've ever seen at the internet so far. I'm happy seeing it grows every day!

I had some hard time on the firsts week, so I spent some time searching information to improve my experience with it, latter I've decided to make posts about those and others helpful information in order to help the new ones to have a shortcut to get deeper knowledge of steemit and its potencial.

here is some of my posts, I hope It mitght be helpful to you:

SteemBnB(this post is not mine, it is fruit of an amazing Idea from @chicosonico, but I've made a traslate to portuguese, you can find it at the comments section)
steemit awesome tools #2
Steemit-Police First official Investigator
The Randowhale

Here is a post from @hannahlicious That i think Is useful to have a look too (she is also a great source of information and high quality posts):
Randowhale is CHEAPER Now!!

I intend to keep posting useful info that I manage to gather, and in a near future some give away. Feel invited to follow me and if you have any question about steemit you can ask me in any of my last posts, I'll try my best to help.

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Welcome to Steemit [email protected] Hopefully comfortable and well received in this community. Always accept constructive suggestions and criticisms. Hope to continue sharing with all of Steemian around the world. Good luck.


Neu peu ek persen hai aduen heheheee

Thank you @Zulfadliekawom.
Hopefully can provide suggestions and constructive criticism for me in the learning process in steemit.

Thank you my brother

You are welcome abenk

Welcome to join in steemit, hope you can work here friends.

Thank you for understanding the steemit

Welcome to Steem @abenksteem I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Ok. thanks. Hopefully can provide criticism and suggestions as well as builds

Hi @abenksteem, Welcome to steemit!

Thank you


Wow thanks for information
upvoted and followed you if you like cuteaniamals please follow me

Welcome to Steem :)

Thank you

Welcome budd


Welcome to steemit @abenksteem
Keep on working ....
Pls follow n vote @rinaldi


welcome to the steemit community, hope you will enjoy it and have a wonderfull time here^^ followed you and upvoted…


welcome here abenksteem ok i vote you come to my blog where i give you happiness in just few second @farhannaqvi7 . if you have any question ask me ?

Ok. Thanks brother

Welcome aboard @abenksteem . I have also recently joined steemit and came across a great project steemfollower. This project enables newbies such as us to earn as much as 5 times more than our regular upvote. Please join the #steemfollower project and earn quicker :) Looking forward to seeing awesome posts from you. You can see my posts here maybe you will find something of interest.


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SELAMAT BERGABUNG DI STEEMIT @abenksteem.. dan selamat bergabung di group NASC Aceh North Steemit Community..

Thank you for your support. Suggestions and constructive criticism I hope.

best of luck.

upvote and follow me @nijhum


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A great story from introducing yourself.... I just could say, welcome to community... Dont be hesitate to say hello or give an upvote to the others

Hi dear friend, welcome to Steemit. I want to welcome you on this amazing platform. If you have any questions concerning how to start here do not hesitate to ask, I will be more than happy to help you as much as I can.
I am a spiritual leader here on steemit, should you need to read God's word or receive a prayer, you are welcome on my blog as well.
You can Follow me too at @pastorlea
God bless you in your new journey on steemit...

Welcome. Nice to meet you here.

A new Steemian :-) hello @abenksteem I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, wish you much luck! I will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk

Congratulations @abenksteem!
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sweet story....welcome @abenksteem,....

welcome to steemit @abenksteem