Allodium Blockchain Report - Week #136 - Ending May 18th 2020

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One step at a time, OG Foundation is being formed.


It's been a mellow week here in Allodium. Groundwork for this project has continued and the materials for the ferrocement roof have been purchased.

The seeds for this year's CBD crop were bartered for with some flower from last year's CBD crop, and about half of the seeds were germinated in a tightly seeded tray, with the other half to follow next week.

In Block #136, ending 5/18/2020, a total of [email protected] (Appreciation Tokens) were generated; [email protected] were generated by the daily appreciation of 48 members, [email protected] were generated by 26 hours of labor exhausted for the Cooperative, and [email protected] were generated by 96 OG Creds (Ø); bringing the total to 184,[email protected]

There are currently 48 members of Allodium, with 2 dangling branches. The updated Member Tree can be viewed here:

Shades of blue circles represent stakeholders with OG Creds (Ø), Affirmed Sovereign members, and members of the Exchange. At the hub, in green, is the original Allodial Foundation (OG∆). Red circles represent Dangling Branches which have frozen accounts and 52-week period to root with a sponsor.

Allodium Appreciation Tokens are trading live on the Waves Decentralized Exchange under ticker "Allodium AT". Allodium AT are most recently valued at .25 Waves, giving Appreciation Tokens a $ valuation of about $.27/@, and an overall @ market cap $ valuation of $48,841.

The Telegram announcement channel for Allodium is, and there is a group chat on Telegram for members.

The online domain of Allodium, is back online, yet is still having technical difficulties.