The World Is Full Of Weird Side Quests When You Have Allergies

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So, my current hairbrush is falling apart. It first popped a bristle or two several months ago, and lost almost all of the little ball coatings on the ends of them ages ago, but no big deal, I kept using it. Recently though, the bed that holds the bristles in has ripped, and now bristles are falling out left and right. So it's time for a new brush.

That's not a difficult task, right?

HAHAHAHAHAHA, oh, you uninitiated.

I try to get wooden brushes, both to minimize plastic in my life, and because I like them. If the bristles themselves are wooden, it's better for your hair, as well. Still no big deal - wooden brushes abound.

Now try doing that without the bed that holds in the bristles being made of natural rubber, because major latex allergy.

I did not expect this to turn into a major treasure hunt.

This must be one of the reasons why I settled for the wide bristles on my current brush being made of plastic. My current brush is two-sided, which I love - boar bristles on one side, which is great for smoothing out hair, and wide bristles on the other, which is great for getting the knots out of my long, fine hair. The handle is wooden.

So when I encountered the first half a dozen wooden bristles, rubber bottom brushes in my online search, I just thought, oh, well, I'll just look for the same brand as my old one. Nope! Rubber bottoms there, too - the plastic bottom was a fluke, not a norm. Well, shit. I really wanted wooden bristles if I could find them this time; less static that way.

Finally, after about twenty plus tries: EUREKA! A wooden handle, wooden bristle brush, with a SILICONE pad holding the bristles in. Enter angelic chorus here.


I just had to share, the shit you take for granted when you're not allergic to half the world. I once had to toss a toothbrush because it turned out the grippy rubber part on the handle was actual rubber, which caused me to break out on the sides of my mouth after I brushed with it. Whee!

The nickel allergy dictates that I technically shouldn't use metal knitting needles, because if I have them in my hands for too long, I can react to those, too, but I haven't had the money to replace ALL my needles with wood, so I still use them for some things. My Addi Pro circulars, for example, on my on again/off again blanket project.

It's so freaky being an allergic weirdo. Even weirder being an allergic environmentalist.

Be good, Steemit! <3

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Sometimes one must be a bit picky...



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I had never thought about latex allergies and hairbrushes. That would be so frustrating! Am glad you found something that will work!


It is WEIRD the things I have to be wary of. Band aids. Shopping bags. Hand lotion. LOL

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