The Allegory of Complacency

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2400 years ago Plato wrote "The Allegory of the Cave” wherein he describes the nature of human complacency through a theatrical journey of the mind. He illustrates a cave in which a group of men are sat together working obsessively for their masters, chained to each other in front of a blazing fire that their captors used to cast shadow figures onto the cave walls depicting a mock reality. One day while the captors were away one of the men took the chains off himself and went beyond the fire behind them to a light in the distance. This light opened up to become the mouth of the cave and presented the slave a view in which he had never imagined, there was a whole new world out there. Instantaneously his mind was elevated to a new consciousness and he quickly returned to his comrades. He told them of this new world full of mystery that he could not explain, but to his dismay the prisoners shunned him and told him to quickly put the chains back on and get back to work before they all got into trouble. The fear of a new and challenging reality was more than the complacent people were willing to entertain, and in turn they remained bound.

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Tragic and true, the majority has no frame of reference, add to it fear and they remain bound. In time more and more people will be reading your messages. I am also transmitting what I know, doing it my way.
I wish you the best.

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