Captured Moments #6 - Nature's Work Of Art: Sunsets!

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While on our Roadtrip to Berlin to shoot a steemit promo video, we also had some breaks and played around with my drone.

The DJI Phantom 4 is so fun and actually pretty easy to fly, and the results are stunning!

It also has a sport mode, which turns off all obstacle avoidance and guidance modi, and then reaches a new top speed.
Of course I was excited to try it out!
I hadn't been able to test it earlier because I only wanted to try it in a very open space.
And that gas station we were having a break on was perfect, and had a huge open parking lot!

As you can see, the drone turns incredibly fast, and leans so much from side to side that the rotor blades are actually coming into sight.  (Of course, sport mode is just to experiment and not actually to film footage when the blades come into sight!)

Anyway, it was lots of fun and crazy to see how fast such a small electronic vehicle could go!

While we were getting some fresh air the sun was about to set, and created a beautiful scenery in combination with the clouds. 

Isn't this a masterpiece of mother nature?! The clouds look so soft and fluffy, I would love to jump into them!

It's simply breathtaking, the perfect shapes and formation of the clouds, in combination with the colors in the sky - a unique piece of art that nature creates.

It's the climax of the game between day and night, when they finally meet and the daylight greets the nighttime.

I enjoy capturing shots like these - the sky is like a work of art that's constantly changing, only 5 minutes in between photos can make a huge difference and that's what makes a perfect shot even more special. 

Every sunset is different and depends on so many different factors, so I'm especially excited when I can capture a masterpiece like this one by mother earth:

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wow, the speed in sport mode seems to be amazing! I've yet to fly a drone, must be awesome!


it was a huge difference in speed, and a lot of fun to play around with

wow, stunning pictures!!


thank you :)

your drone looks like so much fun, and the possibilities with it are endless :D


that's true, so many creative ideas!

those 2 drone clips of the purple sunsets are definitely my favorite. also crazy how the drone records such a smooth and stable shot


it's amazing, the drone just stops and stays in mid-air as if it was sitting on a tripod!


So... Wassup with all these accounts only following @sirwinchester?

It would be a lot less peculiar if they were following @papa-pepper too.

Haha haha!

I looove the sunset. but sun dawn is often even prettier! but of course, no one wants to wake up that early ^^


yes, I have witnessed some amazing sun dawns!

your posts are like a work of art too - very visually appealing!


thank you, glad you enjoy them

very beautiful snapshots! upvoted!


Can we bump your rep up from 25 to over 30 in less than two minutes?


Yep, 31 now...

even as a gif, the drone footage looks amazing!


And on a 4K resolution display, it's even more stunning!

you put that into words very nicely - nature is an artists that creates masterpieces like that sunset! beautiful


yes, and every unique piece of art is a masterpiece!

mother nature is incredible!

art awesomness


thank you! :)

Amazing sunset views! Especially with drone!

Love this Post! Sunsets can look so beautiful ! The one we saw on our roadtrip was very Special !

The last foto is great, upvote

These were fun to look at! Thanks for sharing.

a work of art really beautiful!
I like your style of creative writing