Forgotten But Not Gone - A Wild Checker

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On my way to a taco review I had to stop and get some photos of this vinyl-topped classic in battle-hardened condition. This car must have seen quite a bit in its life, and it's still on the road. Checkers are famous for being the New York City taxi of choice without much update to design or mechanics for years. But they eventually succumbed to efficiency and progress. The last NYC Checker cab turned off its meter for the last time in 1999, its odometer almost reaching one million miles.

They actually sold these cars as non-taxis too, as the Marathon. I thought this might be a Marathon at first until I considered those taxi-style supplemental bumpers. I bet this thing made its way from NYC sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. Then like anyone in a midlife crisis got a terrible paint job and a vinyl top.

Update: It looks like this may have been a Marathon originally after all. This photo of an 1981 model shows the same exact vinyl top. I haven't found a picture that matches the shape of the lower creamish tone, and the trim that surrounds it. That stuff may have been put on there by the dealer or owner or repainter.

It's seen better days but the patina on this car is kinda endearing, and it's still in running condition. I wonder how many engines it's had by now?

I'm playing with some crops and some added vignetting in these shots. And I'll leave you with a face!

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Nice post. We wonder at the stories these vehicles could tell!


Thanks! Well the Checkers were known for spacious back seats...

I Like It!


Thank you

Nice patina on the car. I think you may have added a bit too much vignette when framing is so tight, it creates an illusion of a slight underexposure. Btw. can you answer some Steemit chat related questions? (I got tipped you might know a lot about the chat) Thanks!


The white background of Steemit also tends to make photos look underexposed too. I forgot to correct for it!

Thanks for the critical feedback, I bumped each one by about a half stop.


Haa that is true! Would be cool if using "photography" tag would make the post have a neutral grey backround. Or if the backround colour was user selectable always.


I've thought of something similar. I guess it's time to write up a feature request on github.

The patina is stunning. It looks amazing full stop but that marbled mottled effect just takes it up a notch!!


Yeah, because of the oddball paintjob and years of weathering it has a very unique patina for an old car. Usually the more interesting patinas are on the classic 50s or 60s California or desert cars. But this is a lot different.

Great car! Nice photos. =)


Thanks Mary!

I can't help but think of the movie D.C. Cab. :)


I pity the foo who don't take a ride in that cab.

Sweet ride buddy!


It's not mine but I did want to go for a ride in it.

Superb @pfunk, the photos are so big, they look awesome on my screen!

Love the look of this thing man, great find and awesome photos!


Thank you very much @dexter-k

Beyond awesome photos! Thank you!


I appreciate it. You are welcome.

oh wow nice. I am really into classics :) in Italy they do some kind of competitions with Fiat 505, the old ones.


Yeah it's really cool when you see a really old car driving on the street! We don't see too many of those pre-30s-style open top cars around here but once in a while you'll see something special.

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