Sovereign/Order Follower Breaks Laws & Extorts Money From People Celebrating "Freedom"

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A Sovereign Extorting Money

6/7/19 I spotted a SOVEREIGN that's above the laws she is supposed to enforce. While out enjoying some time on our public waters I noticed this Wash. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife law enforcement officer ticketing people for not having a parking permit for a publicly accessible, public parking area for public access to Liberty Lake. The state of Washington requires people parking at and using facilities to purchase a "Discover Pass". If you are caught not displaying the pass and are not exempt from having one you will more than likely be issued a ticket for $90. Payable to your masters in government. This permit and RCW goes against the Federal Recreation Enhancement Act which prohibits governments from charging to park and access most federal lands that fall within the jurisdiction of the National Forest Service, Bureau of land management, and Bureau of reclamation. Washington state puts signs up requiring discover passes at most federal land parking lots that should be exempt from fees. I caught order follower Jolynn Beauchene in the act of extorting money from free people for breaking statutes when she was breaking one herself. No tickets if you're a sovereign. Please LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE!

Contact info for redress of government employees:

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
website -
Contact page -
Eastern regional office Region 1 – Spokane
[email protected]
Facebook -
Twitter - or @WDFW

Links to sources used in this video:

"The history of the 4th of July" -
QA Aquatic Invasive Species Series:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Washington RCW's referenced:

Chapter 7.84 that is listed on "Discover Pass Required" signs -
RCW 79A.80.080 Pass/Permit requirements/penalty -
RCW 79A.60.160 Personal flotation devices required -
RCW 79A.16A.200 License Plates -

Washington State Employee's Salary Database(Beauchene's salary) -

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    They totally will give you a ticket but won't clean up the illegally dumped garbage. They just drive off.

    And yeah had to get another forest pass in Oregon for camping. Taxation for camping? Yep!

    Charge an Indian for being in the forest! Yep! He don't pay for the permission he gets tickets!

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    We can't do anything anymore without being taxed for doing it. I'm surprised there's not a tax for paying your taxes.

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    Yep sure is it's called licence to do taxes...

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