A huge update coming for the game Red Dead Online, the first system of specialized characters ..

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Rockstar wants the Red Dead Online world to evolve and change the rules of exploration and confrontation and one of the steps of the new development will be through the modernization of the summer, which will bring with the system of specialized characters, where the discovery of the first three of them are the Hunter Bounty Hunter (The Bounty Hunter) The Trader and The Collector. We will learn about the role of each person in this detailed report.

Later this summer, Red Dead Online will be developing again by introducing characters with specialized roles with unique progression paths, each offering its own experience with game elements and features that allow players to become more connected to their personalities and choices in the game world. , This fundamental change points to the long-term future of Red Dead Online - a world in which players live in an unstable peace, choosing to assemble in groups or attack and fight on their own, fighting to survive in a world full of threats and opportunities while building lives for themselves On the border.

1- The Bounty Hunter


Bounty Hunter is licensed to track and capture targets - or kill them by the type of bonus and its terms and how much you are honored to get to it. A highly reputable player can also get specific goals. His progression system will also offer some distinctive elements such as a rope designed to handle strong and challenging goals, as well as advanced tracking skills such as the ability to use Eagle-Eye during jogging, horseback riding and many other special skills, elements and upgrades.

2- The Trader


Merchant life is ideal for prosperous capitalists as you establish and develop business through your own experiences. Knowing your friend Cripps expert in fur, leather and animal meat you will be able to seize new opportunities to collect materials and produce valuable items for sale. Increasing your skill as a trader opens up the ability to upgrade your occupation using the weapons locker, the soup store, and even allowing dogs to warn you of impending attacks on the camp. As your business expands, you can acquire new skills, improve your portfolio, or add new assets to your business, such as fishing carts, to bring in more and more resources.

3- The Collector


The Collector or The Collector likes to explore the world and find rare and valuable elements. Look for a mobile saleswoman in the wild to start from there on the way to collect as collector, search for lost jewelry, rare stock heads and other treasures to sell as individual pieces or high value collections. As you progress, you will be able to access the tools that will help you in your search, including magnifying glasses, horse lanterns and even metal detectors, as well as additional skills to help you find and discover the most rare materials in the world of the game.

As you progress with each character, your experience will develop into the world of the game as well as with the characters surrounding you and reveal to other players how advanced you are in the role of each character. You can also play and progress through the three characters at once if you like.

The next update will also bring some modifications and other changes to the system, which will improve the player's experience of exploring the Red Dead Online game. Further details will be revealed in the coming period as the update approaches.

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