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More than ten years ago, Bitcoin and a number of other virtual currencies were born. Unfortunately, the bank launched a campaign aimed at preventing the transition from the traditional banking system to cryptography. This campaign is focused on the idea that a cryptocurrency is a big bubble that will explode.

This campaign is conducted to give fear to those who want to invest in Crypto. For example, in February 2018 there were the reports that large banks in Poland paid YouTuber to make a video to prevent their citizens from investing in Crypto.
One of the important reasons for the transition from traditional banking to crypts tip need is through the slow pace of traditional financial institutions. For example, it may take up to three days to reach a target destination. In addition to charging fees for transferring money from one country to another or from one person to another, banks also earn money at exchange rates.


On the other hand, there is no third-party cryptocurrency, which makes the process less complicated. In addition, it is cheaper to transfer funds through encryption than using traditional systems. With cryptocurrency, there is no minimum service charge or account. In 2017, a survey showed that 65% of major US banks could not ensure the confidentiality of consumer data. Without strict confidentiality, confidential account information may fall into the wrong hands. In addition, the harmful parties can track transactions from the sender to the recipient. Confidentiality is another reason, the transition from traditional banking to Cryptography is very important. Using cryptocurrency, you can prevent dissatisfied parties to follow in the footsteps of the sender to the recipient.

This includes denying access to the recipient’s personal information. Jeff Catalano, founder of Payment Porte, cannot be a developer, but he had years of work sending payments across the country and abroad and using outdated, slow and non-commercial payment networks. Catalon spent most of his entrepreneurial career, first in the fashion business as a design director for several brands of clothing and accessories.

As a development agent and director of factory communications, Catalano works directly with factory owners, accounting and shipping companies. Additional responsibility is to ensure the planning of the delivery of products and debt. So, of course, Catalano spent his days driving from the office to the bank, waiting for a meeting with an international wire specialist. He spent a lot of time on the implementation of administrative activities in the bank, it may take an hour or more each day to carry out a single foreign operation. Catalano also felt ineffective in the traditional banking system in the selling luxury island properties for the main resorts of Panama.

These experiences led to the birth of Payment Porte. This comes from the desire to provide a process of unlimited payments for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Logistics Industry, and Shipping.


Payment Porte has built a platform that will allow companies to save on the cost of payment across colossal boundaries and time. Our Blockchain will complete payment in the near future. The days when business owners are afraid to pay for shipping, goods, and services ordered have ended. It’s time for businesses to make more money and peace of mind thanks to Payment Porte. The token will list on Exmarket and probit Exchanges

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