The First Steem Saturday registration is now available... don't miss out.

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The registration site is now live and kindly being administered by @naomi.louise

For all those who plan to attend please head on over to the site and register ASAP.

Registration is free but we have limited it to around 100-120 guests, as that is the maximum our venue will be able to accommodate. Shortly we will be marketing this in the corporate sector where as you may know blockchain is all the buzz right now.

So steemians get first dibs on tickets... but, not for long so please don't dawdle with your signup to avoid later disappointment.

If you missed last weeks post on the venue here it is:

Our speaking line-up is almost finalized and we are going to have a very diverse representation from East-Africa, Zambia, South Africa, Europe and the USA.

Some of the talks will be heavily steemit focused while others will cover uniquely African problems and their potential solutions coming from solutions like steemit and other blockchain initiatives.

For emphasis from the previous post:

The mission of Steem Saturday:

The Steem Saturday event is open to anybody to arrange in their City or region. Our aim is in time to have one Steem Saturday event each Saturday somewhere in the world. Please volunteer for arranging the event in your city or area, by contacting by Direct Message on Steemit Chat using the @jacor handle. We will support and guide you when arranging the event. It will not cost you money, only a bit of your time. After the event we will post all prerequisites and checklists we are using to get this first one of the ground for anybody to use as a template in their area.

The events can be fully sponsor funded. It is easy to get sponsors for these events as the blockchain and crypto currency are taking the world by storm.

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Registered, and shared.
Well done on the website guys. Well done on organising!


Thanks a lot @@@spartanza , everything is starting to come together now and the registrations is coming in fast :)

Resteemed and tweeted this!



Excellent @ned, looking forward to having you in South Africa.


Just followed ya

Great place to have a steem Saturday.

@gavvet bes of luck with the event in Johannesburg and thumbs up of curating the growth of steemit! I have to get back to hurricane preparation!


Wow ! @scaredycatguide, good luck. Is this a normal thing there by you? We dont have those here.


Florida is know for hurricanes, but we have been lucky as it's been 12 years since the last. It's more difficult for me now as I have rental properties that I need to make sure get secured for the storms.....even wrote a post on it last night to help people.....and maybe vent. ahaha :-)

Anybody that supports Steemit I am all game for!

Resteemed too 👍


Registered and shared on all three!

Resteemed and upvoted. Wish I could make it. Be nice to meet you guys. Have fun.

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