Little Friday Details: Copper & Rust

in photography •  2 years ago

From the sleek and polished to old, worn and rusty, this weeks photographic exploration examines the warmth of metal.

This is my weekly snap shot collection of cool things, beautiful details and natural gorgeousness. Little elements of my life, design label and gorgeous wares found in my Recycled Gallery shop in rural Australia. A visual depiction of my wanderings and muses. 

Take a short break and immerse yourself in the snippets of colour, design and pattern. 

It is good for the heart and soul. 

There is beauty all around me, choosing to find it for my photography, keeps me happy and in wonder of the ingenuity and creativity of life.   


Until next time, 

xx Isabella

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Yes @cheetah - This is my new weekly post. Each week I will feature a little photographic journal of my wanderings. The photos are different each week but the title and my little description of the post is similar each time. Thanks for your concern :)

I am a lover of photographs, really am not good at taking photos, but I want to know, how you think the artist to take the pictures, all these element have in my house, but I can not think of taking pictures like that, I really like, so i want to understand the artist's mind, great work congratulations thank you very much


Hi @jlufer. Well, if I had to think about the process, I would say that I work to balance the shot using lines, shape, form and colour - use these to guide the eye. I rarely include the entire object in the frame, cropping creates interest. Also I don't usually place an object in the centre either and try taking photographs from unusual angles. That said, I still consider myself a novice photographer. I just play around.

I love to see old things they have a story to tell. Good pictures though :)

Beautiful! Great pictures!

Stop it! I can't concentrate with all this beautiful copper. One of my favourite metals to work in when making jewellery, it's so versatile.