Announcing the Peerhub Reblog Raffle Winners!!! // The Peerhub Catalog Issue #2

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Drumroll again please...announcing the winners of the Peerhub reblog raffle!

@steemrollin and I are so excited about the first weeks of integrating Steem Dollars on Peerhub. Peerhub is a marketplace for the Steemit community that accepts Steem Dollars. Just like Craigslist you can post listings for Goods, Services and Housing.

@steemrollin announced Peerhub's launch into the Steemit community in this post:

He also announced two contests that took place from September 20th until September 27th. I am excited to announce the winner of the Peerhub Reblog Contest. Here is a reminder of the rules for the contest:

$150 Promotion Contest! Another three chances to WIN !!!

$100 First Place / $40 Second Place / $10 Third Place

Promotion Contest Rules:

  • Reblog this post !
  • You get one raffle ticket for each 10 followers you have if you reblog.
  • One unique winner for each place

For the week that the contest ran, we had 157 reblogs for the Peerhub post!!!

Here is the video of me drawing the winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the raffle!

1st place - @derekareith
2nd place - @cass
3rd place -

@steemrollin will contact you to send over the prize $ !

I will be posting a weekly Peerhub Catalog, showcasing all new listings on Peerhub for that week. Since we had such a large response the first week, I will split the first edition of the Peerhub Catalog into 3 issues. This is the second issue.

You can find the items and services featured in the Peerhub Catalog through the links below!

Ford 711 One-Arm Loader -
Steemit T-Shirt -
Black & White, Pen & Ink: Psychic Drawings with Readings -
Sushi girl print [original art] -
World War II Jacket Military 2 Color Relic Card -
18x18 (inches) Canvas Koi Fish Artwork -
A selection of old 20th century stamps from FRANCE -
Third Eye -
Bitcoin .999 pure copper coin -
Hot Skull Charm Bracelets -
Black/Silver Leopard Charm Bracelets -
Steemit Account Name -
Antique Victorian Edwardian Suede Women's Boots -
Got aches and pains? Chaparral - Healing Plant of the Desert - Many Blogs T-Shirt -
Midnight Blue Envelope Clutch -
Puppy dog hat size 0-3 months -
Golf club set -
STEEMIT HOODIE! Steem (Large) -
Light Blue Ukulele -
Ride the Lightning: and Private War Kindle Edition -
Demon Truck Kindle Edition -
The Last Story Wii -
Cost Benefit Jr.: Stories in Microeconomics -
Bitcoin USB Miner ASIC Block Eruptor -
12 month vpn protection 40% off -
Cannaverse: The Cosmic Cannabis -

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thank you very much for what it does for the community, I want to participate, this made my friend reeblog


Thanks! I've been a bit busy but I got some goodies for PeerHub going up soon!

Thanks for doing this contest, @steemrollin and @anwenbaumeister! :D


Congrats to being the big winner @derekareith! Look forward to your listings!

Congratulations winners! :)

UPvoted and ReSteemed!
Just added a bunch of new items too!

Interesting. Up voted and following. Welcome to follow me after read my recent posts. Thanks and good day!
Be Free Always, All Ways!