YouTube Backs Down After Putting InfoWars On Verge Of Deactivation

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InfoWars is on YouTube's target list.

A week after getting a first strike, InfoWars earned a second one for posting a pair of videos related to the Parkland shooting.

This time, the second strike was removed a few hours later.

According to YouTube policy, a second strike results in a two week ban from posting while a third strike can have an account permanently terminated.

"This is the second strike applied to your account within three months," the notice reads. "As a result, you're unable to post new content to YouTube for two weeks. If there are no further issues, the ability to upload will be automatically restored after this two week period."

Infowars has referred to the YouTube strikes as a "CNN lobbying campaign," after CNN reported that they had “identified three similar YouTube videos from InfoWars” which they flagged to YouTube. A YouTube spokesperson responded at the time that those videos were under review.

Hogg has come under fire for flubbing his lines in a CNN interview causing many, including InfoWars, to speculate that he was coached about what to say.

Hogg denies this accusation and send out a number of Tweets aimed at Alex Jones.

The fact that the witnesses and victims of this have been called actors is a perfect example of the lack of maturity and basic human empathy in this country and in many adults like [@DonaldJTrumpJr][8]

— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) February 27, 2018 > Wait 🤔didn't you get sued for pedaling lies about the survivors and victims of another school shooting? Clearly someone didn't learn from their mistakes

— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) February 27, 2018 > I might not be great with spelling or punctuation but unlike Jones do my research and don't sell snake oil to the masses. #Jonesbrandsnakeoil

— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) February 27, 2018 > When your snake oil only makes you THICC 45 days later #jonesbrandsnakeoil

— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) February 27, 2018

Jones invited Hogg onto his show:

David, you are welcome to come on the show.

Are you aware that CNN is using you as part of a lobbying campaign to shut down Infowars?

You are now a public figure & activist. You are not immune to criticism.

We know your views on the 2nd amendment. Do you support the 1st?

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) February 27, 2018

Hogg turned the offer down.

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2 strikes by YouTube?

As a simple business decision,if i were in charge of DTube/Steem...i'd be reaching out to Alex Jones.
That's 2 million subscribers.
YouTube is losing its luster because of it's demonetization as of late ...hence quality of content is slowly falling.
If you can cherry pick a perfect YTer to represent a decentralized video channel.

Alex Jones/Info Wars is the ideal candidate.

(mind you i find alot of material on his show...well just a bit off the wall,but he is entertaining at times...except when he's shilling those crap vitamins)

YouTube's loss can definitely be... DTube's big gain.
Don't think YT isn't looking at that also...Info Wars would the ideal test for a decentralized video channel...and could be a huge turning point on this platform.

great post @zer0hedge

I doubt that you tube could go as far as shutting down the info wars i mean this its also all about the money at the end of the day and the people tuning in to watch info wars , would create create such a negative political stand against youtube.

According to YouTube policy, a second strike results in a two week ban from posting while a third strike can have an account permanently terminated.

One more strike and Jones will have to move to DTUBE instead. Do you think DTUBE would strike them out. It’s called decentralized platform. There are always people who feed on all these tragedies right after they actualy happen. Instead of waiting for investigation to be complete they are creating their own ideas and come to their own conclusion. On the other hand there is always a bit of a true in every lie. Thank you for keeping us informed. Thanks to you I can keep up since I have watched this guy for years and didn’t know about this second strike.

I do not profess to be a huge Alex Jones fan but it seems someone needs to get word to him about D.Tube. If YT is going to try and take someone like him down, then he should get on D.Tube and blast YT on the air.

This is where the lack of censorship can be an asset.

I wrote in another comment today, we on this blockchain need to promote the idea and advantages of decentralization. It is crucial people understand how vulnerable they are on centralized systems. Plus the control apparatus is in place in those areas.

Some needs to send ole Alex an email.

Come to D-Tube! No censoring and more earnings!

YouTube seems to clearly show it was under pressure from the public who make up it's huge customer base. I had earlier criticized Alex Jones, but am now having second thoughts about that. Why would YouTube contradict itself after imposing a second strike. We need to read between the lines.
YouTube is all about making money.. And it has recently been slammed by content creators for not having favorable policies for content creation. Youtube is becoming unprofessional in the way it conducts businesses. Many content creators are getting outraged by the way it handles them. One thing for sure is this could be a huge gain for dtube which respects content creation.. Paying users for worth their content.

You Can Use Its an gooD earning platform @zer0hedge

Fake News vs. Fake News. Who will win?

What a trip! This is exactly what Alex Jones said, "they" would do. Have to love that "they" backed down. But, I have the feeling it happened after a phone call from a good lawyer. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Jones, a world where a video giant like YouTube censors people it doesn't agree with is not a good place to be.

He seems more like the business end of a hammer than a tip of a spear to me. Wish him and anyone exercising their 1st Amendment Right well on YouTube.

But, then again, an uncensored social media platform where you can earn cryptocurrency for content and commenting might work too!

YouTube ran a second strike on Alex Jones's main channel early Tuesday morning against a couple of videos about filming at the Florida school; it approached dangerously for termination and one of the main streams of income was lost, but the second strike was lifted a few hours later. unknown reasons.

Criminal videos have been removed from YouTube for "Facts about Crisis Players in Florida Shooting" and "Blame for Shooting at Florida High School" but can be found here on the Infowars website.

A second strike may restrict a channel to post new content for two weeks, while a third strike may result in a ban on the platform.

It reads "This is your second strike applied within three months". "As a result, you will not be able to upload new content to YouTube for two weeks, otherwise the upload will be automatically restored at the end of the two-week period."

Infowars referred to the YouTube strikes as "CNN lobbying campaign." CNN reported, "They have identified three similar YouTube videos from InfoWars," he points to YouTube. A YouTube spokesperson replied that these videos are in review.

With over 2.2 million subscribers, Alex Jones Canal first broadcast a guiding video to David Hogg, a survivor of the school shootings at Parkland, and created lines for interviews with various media outlets after the valentine's
Day massacre. 17 dead


Well, YouTube policies are now barriers in order to find out the reality. Infowars has a particular reason of posting those videos and YouTube should reflect a sense of discovering based on an unbiased analysis.

Remember, there are other new feature that are competing YouTube such as Dtube, Facebook videos and other more. Should we say that YouTube is loosing it's reliability? Yes, because they do not allow the people to trace the original of the problem and the actors involved.

If CNN can flag Infowars it's fine, since infowars can also flag CNN, but if YouTube flags Infowars, then we may no more hear from them. At the end of the day, only few people will have to enjoy YouTube cause it's no more portraying the freedom of speech.

This is a country and it should be opened. The people must search deep doing causes and origins of the unpleasant activities that are happening in the country, if not we may experience the worse in the near future


The Alex Jones Channel, which has over 2.2 million subscribers, first came under fire over a video suggesting that a survivor of the Parkland school shooting, David Hogg, was coached and given lines for interviews with various media outlets following the Valentines Day massacre which left 17 dead.

The video was removed for a violation of YouTube's "harassment and bullying" policy and the channel was issued a strike.

I had a channel but was stopped and then killed and retrieved I give you what I did I hope you will benefit
I decided to share with you the method of retrieving the YouTube channel after it was shut down by the YouTube administration after I recently saw the fierce campaign by YouTube to close hundreds of channels and accounts for or without reason after the latest updates to Youtube, where the laws of YouTube have become tougher than before, As a result, there are a lot of topics and questions that talk about this subject in the forums, including those who say that YouTube is unjust and that it is going to be destroyed by the loss of many of its partners (content makers) Vaptaly decided to share the method of retrieving the YouTube channel after closure, which is the most correct ways to Retrieve YouTube channel after deletion by YouTube management.
In this short article we will share a number of tried and tested methods that will help you to restore the channel after deletion.

The phenomenon of violators began in YouTube almost two years ago, and those who violate YouTube policies copied the content of any channel on YouTube that allows the content to be re-released or did not activate the content ID to prevent the copying of the videos and was the first to modify the video and change the wording of the title and image Thumbnail.
But it's getting worse because a lot of those who use YouTube are copying content as it is without any change!
Where they rely on the networks of the Bartender Ship, which is the first and main cause of the campaign conducted by YouTube
Any newbie would subscribe to the Kvl Askreen network and buy a vps account for a few dollars and how to copy a full channel in minutes, and the owner of that channel may have been working for several years.
The spread of this method has helped some networks to give profit to all those who close the channel and thus the violators in the work hundreds of channels and do not care about the closure because they know that the network will send them the profits of closed channels.
This is the first to be warned by the large networks such as QD and QIZ, and those networks tighten the laws of accession to them, and some of them sent to the members request to send documents of ownership of the content or expulsion from the network.
Then came the role of Adsense account holders who run from one computer dozens of channels
I will present to you the types of irregularities that may have been inadvertently signed by some or those who seek to avoid them in the future.

Yeah, that's right, Adpocolypse was about 2 years ago, right? At the time, I thought, someone would come up with a way to circumvent Google and Adsense and figure out a way for content creators to make a more of the lion's share of the profits. Well, I never imagined a cryptocurrency based system.

And yes, this 2nd crack down affected me as well. And having an experience of an A.I. bot censoring you for writing, "Where do we shoot it?" under the picture of a Boston Dynamics robot was too ironic to handle.

Youtubers problems, just another day with random problems, while they could avoid it without much troubles coming to DTube.

He has 2M + subscribers and Youtube is completely killing his chanel, This second strike was removed with a some foolish excuse, but the reality is that Youtube don´t want to lose such a big influence content creator like Alex Jones.

I support Alex Jones !

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