Alex Jones for Waking Life & Orwellian Chess Moves

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I was never a big fan of Alex Jones, I always felt he made conspiracies seem kooky. But this recent silencing of him and his social media network is so frightening as it portends the very real Orwellian forces at play against anyone with an opposing view. A corporate conglomerate of tech & media gangsters can now take action beyond your constitutional rights to free speech and, just like that, cut you off from so many aspects your life is now dependent upon. Now some may say he is a nut bag, and you might be right, but his circumstance might be yours one day if you choose to express political perspectives not in line with the current agenda and its future trends. Our right to express ourselves shouldn’t have limits. There are laws and justice, both man-made and natural, for those who take the wrong course of action, but we must allow free speech or it will backfire when we need it most. Good luck in the days to come for Julian Assange & Wikileaks that was always something I could count on to inform myself of geopolitics. Rest In Peace Privacy, Free Speech, & Critical Thinking.

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Hopefully that you're enjoying your night I enjoyed your article hopefully talk to you soon MearIMG_20180811_220116923.jpg

This was a blip on the radar. The "fringe" or "alternative" commentators were the only ones to see the red flag.

Assange and Snowden warned us years ago about the tech giants being de facto censors.

I agree, there will be unintended consequences arising from this.