Governments must ratify tougher policies toward climate change. (정부는 환경 오염,변화에 대한 강력한 법안을 마련해야 한다.)

Nowadays, we who are live on Earth, are suffering from the global warming. Because of the global warming, in Jeju Island flowers are blooming. This is serious problem, because flower which bloom in Jeju Island should have bloomed in April. However, it is January now. If this problem turns bigger and bigger, we might not live on Earth. Therefore, I agree that Governments must ratify tougher policies toward climate change.

First, if we don’t consider the global warming, it will make it impossible for us to live on Earth. The effects of that warming will depend on how high and how fast the temperature rises. Global warming changes weather patterns, causing severe weather events, heatwaves, droughts and floods. Climate change has already shrunk glaciers and ice caps, altering the availability of fresh water. It contributes to ocean acidification, destroying coral reefs and other aquatic ecosystems. It makes places uninhabitable for some plants and animals, leading to extinctions and redistribution of species, threatening food production with alien pests and diseases. However, if government makes the tougher policies, this problem would disappear. Because, for example, when in Seoul, the serious problem was traffic jam, it is caused by car’s tail following. Even when the traffic lights turned red, behind cars followed the front cars. So it made traffic jam. However, Seoul Special City made a law that if the cars do the tail following, they would make the driver pay fiftythousand won. After this law, the tail following problem solved in a second. So if government makes law to make climate better, it would be a good solution.

Second, without government’s help, we can’t protect our Earth’s atmosphere. Now, Earth is our land, however in future, it’s the land of our children. However, if we make the planet dirty, then they can’t live in here. To solve this, we need government’s power, because government has the most powerful power in a country. So for the planet, for our children, and for our human, they need to make tougher policies so that we can make the Earth’s atmosphere better.

Global warming has been problem for decades. However, without government’s powerful decision, we can’t live on Earth forever. Maybe we, our generation could live in Earth, but our next generations can’t live any more if we don’t consider the global warming. To solve this, government should decide that to make our country atmosphere better, and to make our Earth better. We need a tougher policies, so that it would help us to make better Earth. Therefore, I think that governments must ratify tougher policies toward climate change.


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