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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash.


Packing old cracked shoes
Into polythene bags
That brought garri yesterday,
The room suddenly feels sad
Like a divorced spouse
Watching the end of something
He had called love once.

The cobwebs hanging like chandeliers
From the ceiling seem limp,
Losing their bounce
As the old, dust-shadowed bag falls
Like a boulder
That had gathered no moss.

Dust motes raise naked legs
Like ballet dancers
And twirl, swirl like pollen
In the slight breeze
Raised by the friction of the bag
Kissing the floor.

The dying sun paints the dust in gold
And for a second,
King Midas walks the small space.
Old clothes, restitiched and faded;
Ragged edges brown with old mud,
Old ink, old ash and old beer,
Pile into the bag from broken hangers.
Books, dusty with disuse,
Crumpling with misuse
That pile a corner near
Unwashed plates and pots
Crusted with stiff noodles
And sliced peppers, crawl into the bag.

A quiet breeze peers into the view
And the curtain flutters as if to fly away
But it fails and it falls,
Limp against the unpainted wall.
The cracked shoes join the books,
Then old music cd plates,
Cracked with skipped lyrics;
Eminem, Cher, Dido, Ceecee Winnans,
Snoop Dogg, porn movies and what nots.

A rosary swings from a nail
Like a body on the cross.
No! Let it hang there.
Let it remind someone
Of something, of anything.
Plank doors click locked
As keys turn for the last time,
Bag hang from shoulders
Like a kid begging for sweets
And I disappear into the night.



In lieu of seeking permission from @samest, I hereby present to you a space for the poets of airhawk-project as well as the general steemit community.


Every Sunday, I will publish beautifully written, unpublished original poems by steemians, here on the airhawk-project community account. All you need to do is send me an msword document of your unpublished piece and we will give it a go. Three poets will be featured every Sunday.


  • Your poem should be no more than 24 lines.
  • It should be unpublished.
  • It should be your original content.
  • It should be grammatically correct.
  • I reserve the right to reject your poem.

If @samest agrees, which I believe he will, post payout will be shared by featured poets just like I will be taking the post payout for this one now. 😂 just kidding @samest, but you get the gist, right?

PS: if there is motivation for this in the community, a day will be picked for fiction as well as nonfiction. So go and put pen to paper and surprise or shock me. Lemme come and be going.

@warpedpoetic for Airhawk-project community

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