Free Tokens! - Cryptogrind's Airdop Picks - No 84: X-CASH (X-CASH)

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Cryptogrind's Airdop Picks: X-CASH (X-CASH) ... .....



X-CASH is a cryptocurrency built on Monero v8 with the aim to become a standard in digital payment and transaction settlement giving the opportunity to the user to chose between sending their transaction privately or publicly. Every month, 1% of the XCASH supply is released through a free airdrop and bounty program. X-CASH Is listed on CoinMarketCap. They are are giving away airdrops as part of their launch campaign.

Follow these steps to claim your airdrops

  • Create an account on token's website.
  • Verify your mail & Log in to your account.
  • Click on ''Settings'' in your dashboard and verify your phone number.
  • Click on ''Airdrop'' in your dashboard and register for the Airdrop.

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