🔥10 Million CLM Giveaway! 🔥

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🔥10 Million CLM Giveaway! 🔥

CoinClaim is giving away 10 Million CLM in our referral system. We've doubled the referral reward from 50 CLM to 100 CLM with no individual cap. This means, for every qualified referral you make you will earn 100 CLM. You can refer as many people as you want until the full 10 Million CLM is awarded.

The 100 CLM referral promotion will run until all 10 Million CLM are awarded.

We've also lowered the referral unlock to 410 CLM. This means your referral will only need to earn 410 CLM before your 100 are unlocked.

You must use your referral link on the Affiliate page. You can find it by clicking Affiliate in the top menu after login.

The 10 Million CLM will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, so hurry!

🎁Giveaway Sign up : http://bit.ly/2XjgEwX

🎁More Airdrop : https://t.me/airdrops202

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