50 Million BTK #Airdrop to Coin Deal Exchange 📈👏👏

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Join in this Airdrop that is directly to the exchange account, NO ETH ADDRESS is needed to be shared.
Learn more about Bitcoin Token (BTK) the decentralized currency at: https://btk.community

We are in the midst of our Airdrop season, take advantage of this Airdrop of 2000 BTK with 50 Million HARDCAP. We check accounts please ensure you follow all the rules, duplicate entries or spam accounts are deleted.

Accounts on CoinDeal.com will be awarded 2000 BTK on June 16th.


  1. Follow on 2 accounts on Telegram:

  2. Follow 2 accounts on Twitter:

  3. Register an account at: http://www.coindeal.com

  4. Tweet this message (download and attach the image below to your tweet): (Also TAG 5 friends )

50 Million BTK #Airdrop to Coin Deal Exchange 📈👏👏 Join in this Airdrop by filling out this form and following steps: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/1/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJOjHPFobuN6fH92nPx4mNCZW7olGZ1d7ieSDZj63oEThD5A/viewform
#Airdrop #BTK #BitcoinToken #CryptoExchange #Coindeal

  1. Fill the form below:

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