Airdrop Alert: QunQun Token (QUN)

in airdrop •  10 months ago

Community based Ethereum ERC20 token distributers Qun Qun have released details of their official airdrop which will reward users for chatting amongst themselves within the Qun Qun Telegram channel. To get your first couple tokens all you need to do is join their Telegram channel and follow their Twitter. If you wish to gain more you just need to stay active within the telegram chat channel.

From what I can see the point of Qun Qun is to allow users to allow users to create their own blockchain based chat and community platforms without any experience in blockchain coding being required. Basically put they want to make a blockchain version of Buddypress and tokenise it to allow for rewarding of active users. This is an interesting concept and could prove to be worthwhile.

Check it out and join below.

Platform:Ethereum (ERC20 Token)
Task Required Link
Follow Twitter Yes @QunQun_io
Post a Tweet No N/A
ReTweet No N/A
Facebook Like No Not required but click here to do so
Facebook Share No Not required but click here to do so
Join Telegram Yes Click here and then follow instructions in the pinned message
Reddit Sub No N/A
Fill Google Form Yes Click here
Website Registration No Click here to visit
Bitcointalk Comment No Not required but Click here to visit their post

Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything.

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