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in airdrop •  6 months ago

So.. I just got to know that there will be a NEP-5 token released on the #Ontology platform.

It will target the Advertising space..and share the revenues with the users as well.

The tokenometrics are as follows:

Total supply: 100,000,000,000
Ticker: DAD
Platform: NEP-5
Main Partners: NEO, DHVC, ONTOLOGY

The details can be found:


Here are the social channel links of the token:







If you like to support can get some Airdrops from my referral link here: signing will earn some free tokens from the #Airdrop...just make sure that you verify your email id...and complete the KYC after you receive the Airdrops to withdraw it.

That was my first Airdrop article..I think it will be of value since it's base on #NEO & Ontology...

Hope you get some free tokens out..

See ya soon..
... ilLusivesAm

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token based on ontology nice coin i must say : )


Ya it should be..sign up for the Airdrop from the above mentioned link 😎