Get up-to $160 plus bonus from me !

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To get byte is very simple all you need to do is just to follow instructions.
The procedure are as follows:

1. Click to Download ByteBall Wallet

  1. Open the downloaded ByteBall Wallet and go-to chat on the app

  2. Click in bot store

  3. Select Steem attestation

  4. On the down left corner of the bot chat pane, select "Insert my address"Screenshot_20180724-213412.png

  5. You will receive a response from the bot on the chat, click the link in the message which will redirect you to steemconnect to verify your steemit username will receive another message go through the instruction and choose the option of your choice private or public to safe your profile

  1. Pay attestation fee.
    If you do not have attestation fee, download through the link above and comment on this post with your byte address to pay for the attestation fee.

What you will get?

Steemit reputation below will get the following reward:
above 30 -- 10 $
above 40 -- 20 $
50 and above -- 40 $
60 and above -- 80 $
70 and above -- 160 $

Get bonus from me if you download using my link and remember to drop your byte address

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