A new game based on blockchain: Cryptopepes

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   Hello steemians, this time I bring you my participation for a contest organized by cateredcontent and it is about cryptopepes, a card game inspired by Pepe the frog, a very popular meme.

It is a game where you own a Pepe, which you need to buy with Eth, when you own a Pepe you can do it with a unique design that you can save, raise, exploit, fight and exchange in the blockchain (the exchange requires fee ).

When we have our Pepes stored in our wallet, each one will have a unique design.

When we have our Pepes we can breed them, which may have an offspring with unique and sometimes very rare characteristics and the rarer the more value it will have, but obviously the characteristics of each Pepe will depend on the parents.

Another characteristic that the Pepes will have is the possibility of putting them to fight against others, we can choose a deck with our best Pepes, the battle skills are determined by the genes transmitted by the parents, as well as the characteristics that give them the economic value .

Use case:

Chris is a 14 year old Venezuelan boy (a poor country) who is a lover of card games, whether physical or virtual. He discovered Cryptopepe thanks to a publication in Steemit and now he loves the game because he can demonstrate his strategy skills in battles, and he finds the designs very funny and also that he can have extra income when selling the pepes he does not want to collect.


We are currently awaiting the launch, probably on October 10.



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Lol. Gotta try this.

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