Osmium Investment Coin Airdrop [New Airdrop]

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Well already returned again, to keep bringing useful information.

Today A new Airdrop, details below:


Osmium is the scarcest and densest precious metal on earth. In the future, Osmium will be established in the jewelry industry as well as a product for investors.

Link of the Airdrop:

Click here

Steps to follow:

  1. Visit their website, register and confirm your email. Then click on the "Airdrop" tab
  2. Join your Telegram group and follow them on Twitter and Facebook
  3. Send your ETH address and the rest of the data in your profile
  4. Completed!

Available Countries:

Available for all countries including Venezuela

It's all for the moment, I hope the shared information is useful.

Any questions leave it in the comments and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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