Airdrop KRYPTOREDEEM 10 $$ easy

in #airdrop10 months ago

For this Airdrop you can get up to +18 KRT tokens worth ~ $ 10.
What should be done

  • Launch the Telegram bot
    -Come through the captcha!

  • Click “Register Task” and indicate your Ethereum wallet.

  • Register on the site and indicate the mail to the bot!

  • We carry out tasks from the social. networks (+ KRT tokens for each).

  • Airdrop will be completed by October 2, 2019.

  • Tokens will be distributed 14 days after the end of #Airdrop

KRYPTOREDEEM - Blockchain technology based on Loyalty & Rewards platform for e-commerce and retail, helping to increase customer interest


easy that was thanks for sharing