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After so long waiting for Airdrop Trybe finally got a bad bonus result today. Even though I have to go through several stages for claim bonuses it doesn't matter to me, these are indeed basic needs that must be fulfilled in the EOS account. But honestly this happiness is not so perfect because there are some friends in the telegram group who cannot claim airdeop due to CPU and RAM problems, this certainly can be overcome just need to be patient for those who want to buy Ram and only need 8 EOS for the stake so the airdrop Claim process is successful. I today only bought 0.5 EOS RAM and 8.5 Eos CPU stake, after that I claimed the bonus on the trybe wallet went smoothly. Hopefully my friends who have not succeeded in quickly resolving this problem and can stake again coin trybe for the terms of applying for bonuses in the following month.


I only used the Trybe platform for a few months, with a lot of learning from friends in Indonesia, from friends in Nigeria and even friends from Europe. Trybe platform seems to be the first port for those who have left the steemit platform, here everything is very clear and the system is also very unusual, trybe always gives notifications to email notifications walulum also exits on the trybe platform itself, from here we can see how serious they are trybe creators to advance the platform in the blockchain world. The Trybe platform is also still distributing bonuses in the next few months, of course this is what we have to remember and we should not miss the next bonus, even though Banyan tokens are being stretched by EOS now, of course, there are many requesters, we can see them in telegram groups and whatsapp.


A little notice to friends who might lack assets to claim a trybe bonus in wallet.ryry. There is one way for you to do that with 1 EOS capital for Trybe bonus claims. The first one is CPU 0.2 EOS rental, and you will be able to use it for 7 days, and after that you only need to buy 0.5 EOS RAM, after this you can open wallet.trybe directly .. connect with Scatter and you immediately claim the bonus. Good luck!

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