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Turbo Mole is a video sharing platform driven by
blockchain Concept. Turbo Mole platform is designed to
offer a substantial Token profit to all users who upload,
discover, and contribute to the video's surrounding ecology.
Different from the existing video platform, all Tokens are
distributed based on clear open source mathematical
calculation and functions, which eliminates the exploitation
of the user generated contents due to platform monopoly.

After the official version of the TurboMole player is launched, all users who register via the
seed invitation code will become the core users of the TurboMole.
Massive privileges will be provided:
Online viewing rights for massive HD video resources, download rights.
Upload videos, likes, comments to get the initial large amount of income TOKEN's income rights.
Exclusive communication group only for a better experience.
Opportunity to communicate directly with the TurboMole project team

Development of online video industry:

Since 2004, the popularity of the Internet has promoted the
development of the online video industry dramatically. With the
continuous improvement of the bandwidth, the growth of users, and
the constant influx of capital, the online video industry has been
stable after the 2012-2016 outbreak. However, In recent years, with
the growth popularity of mobile Internet and the outbreak of smart
devices, the threshold for video creation has gradually decreased.
The rise of personal content industry such as UGC has driven the
second expansion of the online video industry. Now, the online video
industry has entered a second take-off track, the market scale will
continue to expand in the visible cycle.

Imperfection of existing products
The rating of video trend on traditional video and audio sharing websites is determined by a
centralized institution, which results in the trend of a video can be tampered with at will, which may
make the efforts and efforts of distributors or video writers go to waste due to a hasty decision. For
example, south Korean singer PSY's gangnam STYLE, which swept the world with a horse-riding
dance and became a hit on the billboard, has been seen on the international video website Youtube
where it suddenly fell out of the loop at number 1. Since October 12, 2012, Youtube has changed
the vod mechanism from the original statistics of clicks to the time of playback after adding clicks
as a statistical reference, that is, to be recorded as valid clicks after a click. After the introduction of
this mechanism, gangnam STYLE fell from the first place to the top 100 within a few days.
If a platform's rules can be changed by will, then the sharer's interests are based solely on the credit
of the platform's central enforcer, bitcoin and various blockchain projects have proved that the
credit is the fragmental and expense through different ways over the past decade. The heat of a
video is judged by a function. Whether to change or replace the function, the official only have
rights to change proposal by the will of the customers, whether through the proposal by all the
customers vote held wing rat multimedia platform, only 67% of the total votes more than voted,
proposal through, users have to protect our property and assets allocation of power and freedom.
Hamster video is dedicated to distributing power to everyone who has contributed their time and
energy to build a platform. The free exchange of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious
rights of human beings.

D e v e l o p m e n t
F r a m e w o r k
— Electron
For users of various operating systems, the 1mice uses an Electron software
framework that can simultaneously serve multiple operating systems. The
Electron framework contains: package.json (metadata), main.js (code) and
index.html (graphical user interface). Can provide a complete set of client
development framework. The 1mice client uses the most advanced Electron
technology to build a platform that can be compatible with MAC, Windows,
and Linux operating systems to meet the needs of various users.

Load Balancing
In order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the platform, load
balancing technology is adopted to provide a single service by using multiple
The load balancer listens to an external port through which Internet users
can access the service, and the software acting as a load balancer forwards the
user's request to the back-end intranet server. The intranet server returns the
requested response to the load balancer, which then sends the response to the
user, thus hiding the intranet structure from the Internet user and preventing the
user from directly accessing the background (intranet) server. This approach
makes the server more secure and can block attacks on the core network stack
and services running on other ports.
When all background servers fail, the load balancer forwards the request to
an alternate load balancer, displaying a message about the service interruption.
The load balancer enables the platform to significantly improve fault tolerance
when it is running.

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