Join #airdrop HandleMode -Free 451.867 HNDL ~ $451.87 Per Person

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World's First Automated Influencer Sales Network
HandleMode will start off as a link between businesses and social media influencers from all platforms. Handles (HNDL) will be used as marketing dollars for companies to automatically hire social media influencers to drive traffic to their existing sales sites that can accept credit cards or crypto.

HandleMode is developing a decentralized peer to peer messaging system that the contents of the message self destruct 5 seconds after viewing them. Alternatively, the user can elect to post short video clips or images to their “story” which is a familiar and popular social media concept used by multiple platforms. Our version will be new and improved with the contents of the messages being stored on a decentralized cloud storage network, making the contents nearly impossible to find or intercept.

Airdrop will be 1% of total supply which = 500,000,000 HNDL Tokens.

451.867 HNDL ~ $451.87 Per Person and 1.000 HNDL ~ $1.00Per Ref

You have to register on tokendrops:

You have to join their telegram group HERE! (

After registering on the site, and put your eth wallet in profile and do the tasks there, enter their telegram and type: Done.

You will receive the coins soon!

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