Changing The World For Good?!

in air-clinic •  4 months ago

Many times when we talk about changing the world it sounds easy and fun. But the reality is that it's hard. The hardest thing about what we do is not the technology .

I'm very comfortable with technology. I'm comfortable with computers and software. So far it's written by man with a brain I can always figure it out.

The difficulty is people. People are generally hard to please. People don't like change. Especially adults. Children are easy. Once you understand their dadada language you are good to go.

Despite these challenges we must keep pushing. The world must know that we were here. Something significant must be different for the better just because we passed through this planet.

Keep believing!

Live Healthy, Get Wealthy! 🏥💙💲

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The moment we stop believing is the moment we start dying. Every change has a price and it's only those that can pay the price that can actually effect such change.