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Almost everything in life exist in polarity, that beautiful contrast, that up and down, left and right, that perfect imperfection and that imperfect perfection. Hence, abortion is no different, it has its own merits and demerits.

What is Abortion?. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. It seems inconceivable that the existence of a young zygote(i.e baby), would be cut short by it's very own parent. But let's not be overwhelmed by this. Let's not allow emotions take control rather than our intellect speak.



In place like China, where the population is very well over a billion human beings. It is very imperative and utmostly paramount for the government to control the population. Thus, the government of China has a stated law that every couple is allowed to have only one child, in order to keep this skyrocketing rate of natality controlled. Giving birth to more than one is a punishable offense by law there. Therefore in such circumstance, assuming a couple with one child already, gets pregnant mistakenly for a second child, the right decision to make would be to abort the baby in order to save themselves from the penalty of the government. Therefore in such places and circumstances, abortion is perfectly right.
Cases where abortion is completely wrong, is seen in young girls and boys, who are not married, yet having careless unprotected sex. When such unfortunate craziness leads to pregnancy, killing(aborting) the innocent baby for the stupidity of its parents is completely disheartening and unscrupulous.
But then again, looking at the unfortunate twist, the young girl and boy have made a mistake, obviously. But also, keeping the unwanted child, is a huge problem. Honestly in most cases, at such point, abortion is the better option simply because the two unready juveniles are not financially, mentally and psychologically prepared for such a responsibility, plus the strong parental outburst, resentment and societal stigma this may cause them. Abortiion in most cases might be the better option.
I would say that abortion has it's merit in the fact that it saves people from the burden of the unwanted child. And on the other hand, it's demerit is that, it allows indiscipline and irresponsible people the opportunity to kill(abort) an innocent child.

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