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source: Air-clinic whitepaper

Hello guys, I will be doing some quick review on the Air-clinic project today and I greatly hope it goes a long way in helping the development team and you as a consumer of the Air-clinic services. I will be making this review about their overall vision and how I feel some challenges may arise during the course of their executing these plans of theirs.

I must confess that the idea behind this is ingenious and should be greatly commended and encouraged. However, I see some pitfalls that I would like to call the attention of the team to. And I believe that to a great extent this will help put the project in a more grounded position against unforeseen circumstances.

AIR-CLINIC is the pioneer healthcare infrastructure built on the STEEM blockchain. Our aim is to decentralize healthcare services all over the globe and thereby leading to less central control of the health care sector while facilitating the functionality of the medical sector globally. The best part of this is that everyone will get rewarded for living healthy lives (and helping others do same). reference

This vision is a superb and beautiful one. But how about the plans in place to make it work? During my freshman year in the university I happened to learn some theories in sociology as minors and one of the most fascinating ones was that of Karl Marx. Karl Marx intelligently figured out of let’s say diagnose the faults of the capitalism system and how the major part of the population lived at the mercy of the minority who happened to own factors of production.

However, one of the greatest criticisms against Karl Mark is that, just like a junior doctor with little experience, he was only able to detect faults within the existing economic system and the previous ones but never really projected any possible solution. For example he said it could only be achieved through a ‘violent resolution’. This would leave the society in a worse state compared to what initially was. What’s the bottom line? The emphasis of our analysis whenever we try to effect social change at any capacity shouldn’t be based on causation but more emphasis be placed on tackling the effects of causation.

From their vision, Air-clinic painted a perfect picture of what is really happening in the health care sector at the offline capacity but never really suggested a solution that will be independent of the traditional system. The integration of blockchain utility in health care is ingenious but the offline has to complement this. What plans have been put in place to make sure that Air-clinic doesn’t on the long-run become a replica of the system it seeks to replace as a result of the existence of flaws within that system?

The concept of INDEXING the various relevant partners in the medical field was mentioned. How does Air-clinic ensure the loyalty of these partners to use of blockchain technology? To what extent will their commitment with the vision go? Will it perfectly fit into their initial business plan? I don’t see pharmaceutical services, medical labouratories and other relevant partners discarding their business model just to buy Air-clinic’s. What will be done if partners decide to walk? If partners fail to deliver as a result on non-compliance to the blockchain model, what would Air-clinic do? Will they start building their own hospitals, labouratories and other relevant facilities all across the globe? I don’t see even a government having enough resources to pull that off the ground.

Lastly, I would like to know if Air-clinic has any plan to build actual medical facilities in various location in the world. If the answer is a yes, will they not end up having some of the challenges of the system they intend to fix? One of the selling points of Air-clinic that I like so much is the speed of operation based on the model projected. But how will this be achieved if Air-clinic begins to adopt the model that guarantees long queues and other weaknesses of the traditional system.

Thank you for reading this review guys. This review is a product of my personal curiosity which I believe other may share the same as well. Let’s openly discuss this in the comment section of the post and add more questions as the Air-clinic team I believe will be providing some answers to these questions. Feel free to share your thoughts guys. Thank you once again guys, signing out is your girl @meemee.

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Air Clinic Whitepaper

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Hey Meemee!

Thank you for the candid review. We do have alot of plans that will definitely put us on a league of our own. *We will never become the system we are trying to fight. Our team is hard at work day in day out to bring this to pass. All will be revealed in due time. 🏥💙💲