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Over a period of time, I set a goal to review some of the most interesting projects and their use to the community. I did focus of various sectors as health care, trading, crowdfunding among others. Each sector had principles and reasons guiding them, all illustrating on various ways they intend to change the world.

On this day, my area of interest will be on the health care system. I believe health care platforms as hospitals, clinics and pharmacies have been issues of discussion over a period of time. Some did say that health care centers no longer provide the necessities but also others portrayed a slowed development growth due to lack of innovation, technology and infrastructure. These motives have not only be from a particular region but also the whole world in general.

Ten years ago, very many sectors have seen increasing growth despite economic and social challenges but the health sector has always got the same trend. In other words, a person is meant to go to hospital, get treatment, and nothing or little technological progress has been made to improve that. The sensitive part is that most development sectors do not relate to human sense directly as health sectors, but still nothing much is done to solve that.

Is it because health is a public good?
Or not every one deserves the same right?
Maybe because, we are not intended to be healthy?
Or else, we just don't care of our lives?

I don't think that the above citations are real but a hint of a slower health care growth. Air-clinic in its basis took into considerations the above reasons and tried to build a strong future while aiming to boost the health care system. The most important part is technology and innovation. These are not results of huge infrastructure projects but the desire to improve the system. Well, Air-clinic breaks barriers related to centralized health care platforms and build a decentralized system based on the steem blockchain.


Below are the issues raised by Air-Clinic

High cost of health care: Air-clinic knew the effect of high health care cost among the people. This is related to medical treatments and consultations of which patients are entitled to pursue. However, patients tend to self treat themselves, hoping to escape high costs but also worsening their health. Other factors related to level of income and community regions (rural or urban) do affect the population and any increase in health care treatment will worsen their situation. Air-clinic provides an interface between patients and medical professionals and provides lower medical cost compared to centralized health care platform.

Slow Hospital process: This involves bureaucracies and queuing which affect our most important resource ''Time''. Imagine reaching the hospital, then talking to the receptionist, waiting for the response, queuing for treatment and so on. All these procedures are so hard for a sick person. Well, it may be allowed for any other office but not in the hospital, since most people are considered as being unfit to make it through.

Long distance health care: This could be the worse scenario which may happen to a patient. In Africa, this situation does always happen, where by people have to travel kilometers to reach a certain hospital or clinic. Other factors as traffic, infrastructure do hinder a particular person from having medical services.

Inequitable distribution: The world has always been unfair, some are have privileges, still others don't. However, this situation may not be defined as permanent and a solution must be done to change that. If only rich people can access good services and poor people not, then there must be change in the population.

Thus, AIR-CLINIC looked at the above issues and resolved to look a more favorable way to solve them all. it resolved to use a decentralized platform built on the steem blockchain in order to remove first, the effect of the middle part, and second to promote equity among the people. Air-clinic uses an app which is an interface of communication between patients and medical professionals.

If you really believe that the health care platform needs to change, then visit the Air-clinic app and website to check out the best solution to boost this particular sector sector, but also saving lives.
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