Air clinic's air coin can work as your medical insurance.

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Imagine the world where you move into any hospital with your phone and receive all the medical attention using cryptocurrency. The world instead of paying for medical insurance which can not be refunded if it's time expired on just holds a coin. And also limited to a few people that are written in the insurance contract. The world where your health is first. The world where you are being paid for leaving a health life. I dream of a world where rich people and poor people share medical services (equality in the globe medical service). This can be achieved with the steem block chain.

Medical insurance is for people employed by big companies and the rich in Africa. Evern through it is important to have affordable medical insurance, insurance companies only focus on the rich people. They act as if medical insurance is for the well off class. If air coin can be used by hospitals there will not be any need for medical insurance.

Air coin is based on the steem blockchain. This makes it easy to transact business with all the steem based applications and very first transactions of 3seconds.

How you can earn Air coin:
  1. join the Health Status Challenge!
  2. Post quality health articles, comment on other articles, use Air-Clinic Social.
  3. Referral bonuses for inviting others.
  4. Participate and contribute on Air-Clinic.
  5. Trading
  6. Buying it
  7. Delegating steem power to airclinic.
How you can spend air coin:
  1. Use it to gain access to our healthcare services.
  2. Pay for offline medical care!
  3. Get extra upvotes (aside curation of health status).
  4. Gain reputation in the community of Air-Clinic Social.
  5. Trade AirCOIN in exchange for steem and other cryptocurrencies.

Air clinic is one of the most important projects on the steem blockchain. It's very important because it's idea is about making our lives better. If you are a crypto investor, watch this project anxiously. It's very interesting. I have hope that it will help in improving the health status of all steemians.


Air coin is a coin you can't afford to miss. Imagine if most hospitals start accepting air clinic services, the value of coin will go high because of the demand for better health care services. I believe time will come when air coin will be accepted by the healthcare centers. The coin will transform the medical industry in the world. This is the future of health care services . Download air clinic from google playstore today and start enjoying the transformation in the medical industry.

For more information about air clinic visit the following links.

Airdrops/Bounty Campaign
Android App link:


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Very informative article and great thoughts about this project. Keep up the awesome work @battebilly!