Air clinic is to transform the medical sector in Africa.

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Uganda is one of the countries with the worst health records.
Locals in this country ranked 186th out of 191 in health record keeping, have been reported to rank health threats as their greatest worries when asked what their greatest fear is. So unhealthy.

Health scandals are wide spread in all ages like the infant mortality rates are high, and also one out of 200 mothers dies during the process of giving birth.

So fascinating that there is little or no medication in most of the public hospitals. This is not solely because government is incapable of providing enough medicine, but doctors and health officers have been often reported stealing drugs meant for government hospitals, and channeling them for sale in other clinics. Government has up to now fail to solve this scandal.

This is the benefit of air clinic. Air clinic on steemit provides free access to health information on how to easily prevent these health hazards.

One can keep their health records there for further reference, and learn from other people's health testimonies.

Air clinic gives free and instant access to information that is got from other users and medical personnel.
I hope it is a good improvement in the health sector for any country.

Once air clinic is adopted by the healthcare institutions it will change the way government privet hospitals conduct business.


Download air clinic today from google play store and be part of the change in the medical sector.

For more information about air clinic visit the following links.

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