Why married couples live longer than singles

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Have you ever taken an extra thought to find out if married people do actually live longer than singles? Well I have been thinking about it all day because I have to present a short lecture in the @air-clinic discord channel today

As we know, in our society today, married people are seen as responsible and automatically earn some respect, while the singles do not, that is why when a single (male/female) attains a particular age, and automatically society and family pressurize them towards marriage because being married is seen as being matured and responsible.

Even in the holy books, it is written that he that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtains favor from the sight of God. So marriage definitely comes with some rewards from God the giver of life and also from the society, family, and friends.

The reasons why married people may live longer than singles


• As we all know, health is wealth, a married person would have less exposure to some certain infections (e.g. Urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted infections etc.) because they only have one sexual partner (but nevertheless some married couple may contract these infections when they cheat on their spouses), unlike the singles that might have multiple sexual partners with no commitment in mind.
• Eating healthy is vital to life, as a married person, you get to eat a daily home-cooked meal which is free from a contaminant like salmonellosis, Vibrio cholera, etc. , hepatitis A and E, H. Pylori, or even a food allergen. This is not the case with the singles as they are frequent visitors to fast-food, restaurants, ‘bukka’, eating anything, anytime and anywhere. Most singles get to come down with gastritis, typhoid fever, acute gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer.



As a married individual you have a spouse supporting you financially, when you are broke And your spouse is not, it augments your deficit at that time, and you can always have somebody to rely on in times of need while for the singles, when u are broke you are finished and you on your own.

As a married person, you are free to engage in any sexual activities of your choice without the feeling of guilt, the feeling of having an unwanted pregnancy or even disturbing your neighbors’. You can even engage in sexual activities while fasting, before attending any religious gathering etc. this is not the case with the singles as they eat the forbidden fruit with a guilty mind and some may come down wilt unwanted pregnancies which may predispose them to an induced termination of pregnancy.

A married person would have a prayer companion that will pray with them. Prayer answereth all things, the more they pray the closer they get to God and the more grace they get an increase in spiritual life.


As a married person, your spouse would not allow you go for unusual social gatherings e.g. nightclubs, strip clubs, rugged parties involving drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, tattoo piercing etc., there would also be a drastic reduction in consumption of alcohol, smoking and even keeping bad friends when you are married. This would reduce the chances of getting involved into any criminal activity that may land you in jail or even ear you a death sentence, this is not the case with the singles as they do not have anybody to caution/restrain them, hence they are very ‘free’ to harm themselves.

There is no greater joy compared to the feeling of having your own family that loves you unconditionally, supports you, cares for you and would do anything for you. That happy feeling of returning home to the one you love after a hard day work and the feeling of having your own kids can increase your lifespan because of the happiness it creates.



We all know the popular saying that goes thus, two good heads are better than one. Sometimes your spouse contributes some ideas to your business that makes it flourish, bringing in more profit which means more incoming money which will definitely bring happiness and satisfaction. A sensitive wife can sense an imminent danger and warn her spouse which would preserve his life.

With the above points stated, it could be deduced that married couple lives longer than singles. Do you have a varying opinion? I would love to read it in the comment section


Another interesting post @antigenx.

You're asking: "Have you ever taken an extra thought to find out if married people do actually live longer than singles"

My impression is that married people live much longer because once they get old they can rely on each other. Both phisically and mentally.

Most of the time old people are left on their own, abandoned by their families and kids. Being completly on your own can be a killer. Especially for man.

Eating healthy is vital to life, as a married person, you get to eat a daily home-cooked meal

Hahaha I wish. I cannot imagime my partner cooking anything but scramble eggs hahaha :)

Thanks for such an interesting post. Very informative. Upvoted :)

ps. are you married yourself?


Lol,I'm not married yet. But hoping to soonest thanks for reading..

Long life is not dependent on marriage, neither is good health. If anyone eats healthy, keeps fit and prays, we all gon' live long

Well said bro but these days I think the case is different, a lot of married people contract these infections as they are well trusted by their partner, Sometimes it’s really a problem.

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