Applying A Blockchain Evaluation To Air-clinic

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The Air-clinic project holds much promise. I believe that it is a worthwhile project which deserves the attention of many. Last week, as I was emceeing the first ever Borneo Blockchain Summit, I had the privilege of listening to one of the awesome speakers on how to evaluate a great Blockchain project.

In this post, we will be evaluating the Air-clinic project as a whole based on the criteria set forth by that speaker. These criteria consist of the following aspects, engagement, economy creation, user experience, the distribution of benefits and the transaction speeds. In general, the Air-clinic project fulfills most of these criteria.

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Engagement is defined as how the product or project can create engagement among its users. In the case of Air-clinic, user engagement is not lacking. For one, anyone can write a post which is health related and anyone is free to comment. However, no one will do so if there is no reward involved. This is where air-clinic does engagement well, anyone who creates a post or comments will get rewarded in its smart tokens known as Aircoins.

Furthermore, the users are able to share their health status. This health status can then be shared on the app and posted to Steemit which in turn could get you more rewards in Steem. Of course, the core of all this engagement is due to how people may likely get rewarded in Aircoins or Steem. As such, lets talk about the economic part of the project.

Economy Creation

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Getting Aircoins is pointless if there is no utility to the token. Aircoins can be used to obtain professional advice from qualified doctors. This is a great way for people to hold Aircoins. Imagine this scenario, if you were traveling in a foreign country and medical consultation would cost too much, you can then use your stored Aircoins to obtain immediate consultation and advice, especially if you are wondering if you are having a heart attack or just heartburn.

However, I do wonder how are the doctors paid. I know some private consultants who are paid quite a lot working in private hospitals that charge a lot. Thus, I don't see how many specialists would want to come on the platform to work as a consultant. Perhaps Air-clinic could attach itself to projects supporting the underprivileged as this may attract some experts to come on board as a form of giving back to the community.

User Experience

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The user experience on the other hand is pretty great, the consultants are friendly and the people are too. Overall, I think the app works seamlessly without any issues. My only qualm is that it is not as attractive. Of course, I prefer functionality over looks. That is because of the convenience of having a private doctor in my pocket is just awesome. That being said, I think the true test comes when the app gets adopted by the masses. For now, everything works well, but I do wonder how the consultants on the app would fare once more people start using the app.

Transaction Speeds & Conclusion

The Aircoin is built around the ERC-20 token so speeds is not an issue unless we reach the hype akin to Cryptokitties. That being said, my experience with the transactions thus far has been seamless.

In conclusion, I have a strong belief that this project will succeed. I think that engagement and user experience is great and so is the transaction speed. However, I do wonder how they are going to grow their pool of doctors especially when they get adopted by the masses. That being said, I am super excited with the project. How about you? Do check out the project with the links provided below. Also, do download the app and try it out for yourself, don't worry, its free.


Many of the findings here are researched but are based on my own opinion. I welcome any debate and discussion but I am no financial adviser. As such, always do your own due diligence before selling your kidney to invest in anything.



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