Aigents for personal social awareness

in aigents •  2 years ago
We have created artificial software agent platform “Aigents” which can mimic basic cognitive capabilities plus communicate in simplified English “pidgin” (or “controlled language”), extensible to fit operations in different subject domains (called “Aigent Language”).
For example, on top of this platform, we have created “personal social awareness and news mining agent” application to make sense of individual preferences of its human master - based on implicit input by master as well as implicit collection of master's historical data in social networks.
Below is example of Aigent communication with different masters – in Aigent Language.
Also, on top of this language, we are creating “user interface agents” to render chat-style communications in conventional graphical user interface, such as our demo web site
More information is available at
We are open to comments and critique as well as partnership offers.

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