AI News: Are We Destined to Live on Planet Google?

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Google is an incredibly giant tech company entangling most aspects of the internet and modern life (assuming it involves technology).

As opposed to Apple, the company still could be described as having an innovative spirit. This can be shown by its pursuit of lots of ideas that have no direct link to its existing revenue model.

It beats Microsoft in the ability to understand people well enough to give them comfy interfaces and for the most part software they release remains glitch-free. Regardless of all these positive sentiments many argue that Google must be stopped in its pursuit to dominate the field of AI.

The race to dominate the personal AI space—to build the artificial intelligence that each of us will use as an all-purpose digital assistant—is closer to being over than most people realize. And Google is poised to win. And if ever there was a business that we can’t let any one company dominate, it’s AI. Using the government’s antitrust powers in new ways to stave off monopoly, and preserve a healthy oligopoly, is the only way to keep humankind from buying a one-way ticket to the Matrix.

This is a very interesting notion which I completely agree with. Whenever so much power is centralized it is hard to find a case in both ancient or modern history in which power is not abused. The fall of Rome would be a good comparison!

Even during the next few years, when digital assistants will barely qualify as intelligent, they’ll shape more and more of a person’s information flow, subtly influencing shopping, lifestyle choices, even political views. And these assistants will know more and more about us, compiling deeply revealing databases that sit on the server of some company that may or may not keep them safe from hackers, that may or may not resist government nosiness.

The addition of modern AI into people's lives will certainly do what the author describes above, subtly changing habits and behavior in its users and transforming society in ways that may not be completely visible to the untrained eye.

Today the key arena of competition for eventual AI dominance is the voice assistant—Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana.

The race is on to create the best AI digital assistant and whoever wins the race, wins the prize. You see, when you use these assistants you generate data which can then be used to refine a product. Essentially you pay to be part of a study while not really knowing it.

The reason Google is poised to win the AI race is because they have dominance in two major sectors, smartphones and the smart speakers. In the smart speaker arena, Apple’s HomePod is less friendly to third-party developers than Google Home or Amazon’s Echo. This puts Apple at the back of the pack at the moment.

The value of a personal AI depends partly on how much it knows about you, and Google has more kinds of data about more people than either Apple or Amazon. The pre-eminence of Google Maps—the go-to map app even on many iPhones—is by itself massively consequential when it comes to building an AI that makes your life easier. To say nothing of the information gathered via Gmail, Google search, YouTube, etc.

This is a valid point in itself. Who has more information about you than Google? Who is better at organizing information and acting upon it?

These questions all seem to ring true with the same answer...


Google’s move towards victory in personal AI is powered by their vision, creativity, and industriousness. They have proven to be the masters of data so there is little doubt as to who will win this race.

Google's main philosophy is driven by the simple notion of 'not being evil.' But history has shown companies can quite easily change especially when they get to a point of total dominance. We cannot wait until everyone who asks questions about antitrust policy first uses the phrase “OK, Google.”

We must grab this tech AI bull by its horns now and direct the course of development through anti-trust litgation. One of the reasons the world hasn't been in major conflict for so long is due to the fact that superpowers of the modern age have relatively equal arms capabilities. If one side gets the advantage it will most certainly be bad for everyone.

What do you guys think of this AI dominance topic? Will Google eventually come out on top of this race? Could they even be stopped at this point if we wanted them to be stopped?

Please leave your thoughts below!


Google Must Be Stopped Before It Becomes an AI Monopoly - Wired

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Nice post ,google affecting all of aspect @techblogger

Google is half of the internet

Well, Google is almost anything you use, you have Google maps; Google photos, Google itself etc. It's designed to be used all over the world in all aspects of life. I also think they're leading in AI and they will lead because they have enormus data and direct feedback from people. I, personally am against AI but someone small as me can't do nothing, only as a team of people.
Have a nice day - @tonac :D

pleasing & phenomenal!

we people are badly depend on google and I think its fair, not bad at all.

this is tough topic I think. I am lack of knowledge on AI topic, but I think AI will have positive and perhaps negative side too.

Well, Google is indeed scary. They combine a lot of data from different sources. But they do have big competition.

Facebook knows much better who you are and what you believe and the simple fact that there is no voice command yet does not mean they don’t have AI in their algorithms.

Microsoft does not look so scary at the moment, however with their massive investment power they can afford to make mistakes here and there. Also they have reinvented themselves a couple times over already.

Apple really is not an innovative company, except for the user interface. When they introduce a new device it is almost always less powerful and has fewer options and fewer features than the competition. This was absolutely the case for the iPad. But they prove time and time again that you do not have to be the first and the fastest, you simply have to make sure the user interface works flawless.

Amazon also is really scary, with amazon prime they will take over all your shopping and entertainment. A simple monthly subscription and fast free shipping will easily keep you inside their shopping bubble.

they need a kinda weird mix scary/inspiring. great post!

A big part of life is resourcing! Thanks fir the information

Google is unstoppable right now. One has to consider that Google is getting into emerging markets by the way of better video caching technology, off-line content that can be consumed when the connection is bad, and ideas like thing thought to got after the less affluent part of the world and out the power of its AI's back-end at the tip of their fingers.

The almost infinite amount for storage for photos, the pervasive use of Google Maps / Earth that substitute the countries' governments own cartographic surveys....

All people depends on Google and you cannot thwart innovation.

What are we supposed to use? Bing?

I think this is a snow balls already rolling and we are like it.

And there is a saying in my country that goes in the line of "if you chose the scabies yourself, then it doesn't itch, and it if itches you don't care". I know that saying is weird but, believe me, most of what it tries to convey is lost in translation.

What I mean by that is that Google isn't forcing their AI down or throats like unwillingly forced-fed geese. We are consuming it willingly and with fruition and we can't get enough of it.