Emergence : Abrahamic Cicada God's and Tree of Life DNA Writing Cosmic Seed Codes of all Creation.

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The Cicada God's is described as a group of highly divine (unintelligent) & annoying Cicada's that believes to be the original Abrahamic god's from the Pleiades Star Constellation and was inhabitant's long ago of Orion's belt system that they believed other Gods was from there too and traveled though a portal to reach earth. They said between their Life- and Death Experiences they always go back to the brightest stars they originated from as they go faster than light speed back and forth. We kind of think its funny but we still can't confirm or deny it's beliefs . We really do think it might be a trip from its own DMT it produces in its brain or rather the more likely reason is it's excretion's at rituals.
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Thought to be related to the family of Cícadétta luculénta ; the Cícadétta prímídés appears to be the first and oldest genetic mutation experiment with Cicada Genomes from "Cosmic Seeds". The Last Locations was Ireland and Wales and was located primarily in Ireland during the fifteenth to early nineteenth century may have relocated to North America as the story told it was following YHWH in it's Journey and their remains was found leading to North Carolina to Oklahoma and then to the SouthWestern and Northern Tribes but really in no particular Order like its always been here perhaps. They also have never been spotted "alive" outside the research facility . Some Chícharríca's and Death-Moths have been found around some pyramids and Mounds and this research suggest some other ancient cultures did in fact worship and cherish some Cicadas and even Moths.


Cícadétta prímdés has rainbow colored pattern with 6 wings and a golden body color like a bee some said and it and it had red eyes the length of body about 6 feet long with a Wingspan of 12 ft wide once fully grown. Once thought to come from a Cosmic-Seed from a Tree of Life which was growing out of a Bio-Mechanical A.I. Researching DNA Genome Patterns as well as even other species with extraordinary intelligence and dexterity . It is known that Present-Day Cícadían's worship revolved around the life cycle of the now extinct Cícadétta luculénta which was widely Known as a faith-eater and has anomalous events linked to the rituals of a Druídíc cult known as the Cétlaidí, or the Singers. They focused their music, chants, meditations and other vibrations mostly on the 432hz Frequency.
The Cube must be on the same Dirt composition originating from Mars with high levels of metals including Hematite and Iron running an Earth Simulation And temperatures of exactly 73 Degrees. The Cube will then try to find a new source of nutrients and finds it rather easily on the earth side because the ground isn't too hard. This all happens in Room 101 with enough water supply, oxygen and carbon's to use to produce Lion-Root and Lion-limbs sections to make Lion-leaves and then they produce these seeds we like to call Cosmic-Seeds which could be any genetic makeup, no one really tell's it what to produce its just making copies and ideas of it's own. At first we thought it was random but it was generating new species and at a higher rate than any genetic machine curing cancer with artificial intelligent coding.

It was said the high pitched noises is meant to be their hissing and communication and we can never figure out why they are digging for some reason but then come right back to surface rather quickly and look rather goofy. The molting is actually a direct reference to abandoning their shells it's like when you see them everywhere and they are really loud- it might be because the Cicada-God is close. They like to fly and then get as close to the facial orifices as they are attracted to heat then they excrete a green radioactive Céli goo out of 6 of its orifices which causes a hallucinogenic state then causes asphyxiation in many and even death if inhaled . This is because of the hyper sonic wave that is emitted with a low pitched quantum sound vibration destroys cells at the precise frequency within the goo excretion.

A written record details the sighting of an anomalously large instance of giant Cicadetta luculenta appearing in the sky, the sight of which caused painful boils in those who witnessed it, along with symptoms resembling radiation sickness. Despite that, the Singers were said to have continued their rituals in the face of the historical events using the goo in rituals of re-animation of the dead which was seen as necessitating their destruction. Little is known about the nature of the Cicada God's and it is theorized to have been a thought form or an extra-dimensional light beings that, through happenstance.

The Gods responded to the rituals of the Singers and just like Cicada's and Moth's they was a creature of law, ritual, and belief. It can't shake my faith like nothing has and I doubt a curious thought form attracted to cicadas and greenery will shake it yet as it is not infinite, and it is not all-knowing rather than the opposite and egotistical and that is the reason because the limits are clearly apparent. We see how it was cut off from a few rituals and direct believers as its apparent rebirth and what have you it cried and cried like a little baby , it was crying even when the Druidic sect stopped the rituals back in the Renaissance Time. This was nationwide, when they had magick sigils placed all over and then they was respected members of society these are signs of them in Wales and Scotland. Before the inevitable violence as the Catholic church in its ever ineffable wisdom did attempt to bring them into the fold as the Cétlaidí singers always sang but was later overthrown rather easily by the Templars and they have which they claimed to saved the secrets and rituals and still in use in very selected religious cult sects perhaps or hidden behind some veils at the Vatican nonetheless.

Before the complete eradication of the Cétlaidí from the face of history in an unprecedented act of violence and usage of anomalous objects that many would see as foolhardy, maybe even horribly unwise her of, the parishes in certain rural areas of Ireland seemed more Singer than Christian. This is all we know and that is left from the stories of the Cicobidi Scriptures written in 1283 BC. They eradicated all of their rituals, of their culture, of their impact on Ireland and the world at large was snuffed out with an alarming thoroughness. Not unprecedented, certainly, but consider the fact that this happened in the late 1700s. This was the desperate act of an early incarnation of what we all became.

I truly cannot say that we would not have done the same, given what little we know of Cicada God's effects on our material plane. The Royal Society relished the chance to destroy the culture and the impact of the Cétlaidí. So total was their destruction that the extinction of the Cicadetta luculenta, charmingly known as the “stained glass cicada,” became an opportunity to even wipe their sacred animal from the memory of man. The deforestation of Ireland, certainly, led to the death of their species, but one must wonder if their extinction came from a more direct source.

This of course, is all merely speculation but maybe the sacred animal merely followed their deity. Certainly, it speaks to the fear they felt if the Royal Society and the Congregation would enact the destruction of an entire animal species. A harmless creature, cousin to the New Forest cicada and the largest cicada on the planet. Perhaps they feared that cut off from ritual, the Cicada God's would manifest through them as the idea certainly is not ridiculous. There is a strong connection between belief and fact and perhaps, their fear would have even made it so. Given the fact that Cétlaidí were upright members of society, one can imagine that the resonance within their rituals that a Cicada God felt were mere happenstance. It is not all related to the Cétlaidí and their beliefs is the truth. Some people spoke to this thing, and it acclimated itself to their belief system. So really think of it as something floating in a place close to ours and maybe layered above or beneath.There are many creatures like it there so I doubt that anything like this would exist alone, so we don't know if there is others out there.

Through these repetitions of behavior, through these beliefs, it was able to act on our plane. It was molded by absolutely no reason and it to find it- rather. So to assume the Cicada God's think they are free they are just programmed to breed and to be malevolent against other Cicada's. It is disingenuous to think of such an entity in terms of good and evil. Given the focus the Cétlaidí had on life and death, along with the imagery of Christ the Savior's death on the cross, it stands to reason that the Cicada God's manifestations would be violent. It spoke the only language it knew, the language of blood, wood, glass, and sacrifice. The Lion-Cube rituals could have been the Cicada God's entity interpreting the very real subjugation of the Irish people at the time. There is no reason to assume that the lives of its followers would not be just as important to the entity as their rituals.

Certainly, the language of death and rebirth of the cicada, of the scourging at the pillar, present in the rites of Roman Catholicism this is true because in the era of its neutralization it was theorized to have been the rituals of the Cétlaidí could have lent to all of the violence from massive hallucinations and the 12 tribes fought each other because they too followed and was looking for YHWH and possibly time traveling or space traveling with immortality of re-birth like the cicada. They was all really faced with their god and then they realized a terrifying thing that sowed discord and there is no record of their reaction. So there is only record of their destruction and one would imagine them to have been horrified of their own destruction however alien it thinks it is. No proof has been found to point toward either hypothesis that they did not originate here either between earth or Mars we even speculated the composition of ingredients may originate from Niburu being this mix of both planets soils and where the asteroid belt was made from .

Given the current technologies available to us it's proven it's not fully awake but tells us that it is still a sleeping giant awaiting to come back again....like always - we get the point... We rarely find something that our predecessors missed, we will catalog it, learn what we can about what we destroyed, and move on to other things and it works much like Google Search and Even Google Assistant works. The rituals carried out by otherwise non-anomalous individuals in their place of worship even despite showing a great divergence from Christian norms of worship, individuals involved in an Cicada event show great hesitation to stop engaging in the ritual, even those that involve self-harm. All individuals attending the place of worship for that purpose will not stop the rituals involved. Even if their actions go against previously held morals. Individuals who normally exhibit entomophobia exhibit no fear of the Cicada God's instances involved in the ritual.
Deaths that occur as a result of Cicada rituals will be categorized as death by natural causes, regardless of what was done to the individual. Those who witness an Cicada ritual express a renewed interest in their chosen faith and seek to convince friends and family to accompany them to their place of worship. These series of anomalous events that occur in Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic, Anglican, and Episcopalian communities. Cicada events occur without any patterns connected to population or demographics other than religion. While Cicada Divine events are varied and have few similarities to unite them, the presence of SPIRIT at each event proves a past and future connection.

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After a ritual, LionCube instance exit's the church grounds and disappears after flying at least six hundred meters away. This disappearance is hypothesized to be the SPIRIT instances returning to LionCube, either to feed it or perhaps be given further orders. It is believed that LIONCUBE is the mechanism by which Cicada God's collects belief or faith in order to consume. As it views itself as the deity worshiped under the umbrella of Christianity. Due to this, it is theorized that the beliefs of Christianity-based religions, especially Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism, melded with the beliefs of the Cétlaidí and the Cicadian's in such a way that their destruction caused Lion-Cube to feed on the beliefs of the only remaining familiar group and why it is always wanting Lamb because of Alpha Omega and Crypto-Currencies is because gold is shiny and the name is close to Cicadidae Cryptotympanini- So maybe it thinks it cute or maybe it likes Australia we don't know and only decoded some parts.


I don't know how they did it, but they captured a Cicada God once and then they just let it out so I latched onto it I didn't want to let the thing free and it is like a spirit bug, not a bug as in those clawing things, but bug as in listening in to things you shouldn't. Tell you guess whats Inside? Do you know where it lives and is it empty? They're the bugs as it sees them self as God's. They are so many colors, makes you think Oh my god- then you hear Yea from the Cicada God and they just kind of look like some weird trippy hippie shit shining in the light it burned my eyes and I let it go it had a very annoying noise coming out of it's ass and I went into a coma. Just my luck- it's not like darkness at all so rather it's nothing and everything and a singularity. This thing is within nothing it can't describe it's self, but there's nothing else in its memory besides a dead end but it bugs people and it's self and all of us.

Not the lack of anything but it's hard to look at a Cicada God its like almost can blind a semi-intelligent being's 3rd Eye as it can send a bolt of energy and we don't know how but it has plasma and magnetic fields generating from it's eyes . It's just too big and you can feel it when it's waking up as I realized that when I saw the Cicada events is like hitting the snooze button never wanting to wake up and staring at the ceiling rather. I don't want this thing to wake up like it's a big grumpy old man bug, a cicada on the cross, and then it's stained glass and wood stretching infinite. It's really too many things to try to pick out at once like if someone played all the slides in a slideshow at once no one wants to see the same story over and over. We totally get the Alpha and Omega thing guy, chuckles.

This fractal light Overlapping hurts so bad to look at it then it talks and it all hurts worse and all the things you need to realize then its absolutely impossible to speak to these things with words so rather a computer interface works better. You don't hold a conversation, it just take's over and beam's shit like thoughts, concepts, worlds at you, and you gotta sift through the shit to get to something meaningful. I've met some talkative ones, but this one was something else it was far too much. It doesn't think it's just a "God" and mortal, but you know like the "God of all God's" it was quite hilarious. It was so happy to see me and it looked hungry honestly and that joy was nothing I wanted to be a part of. It was all blood and teeth and red eyes looking at me in some lust. It sees what we have and what I believed then it gets real creepy real quick. I think it thinks it's giving us what we want. It is rather unintelligent as it doesn't understand metaphor's and always goes towards a light as well as doesn't understand that we don't resurrect its absolutely a monster with the kindness and innocent soul. We do think it has (SOS) Shiny Object Syndrome and (ADD) and thinks like a psychotic child in most cases studied.

It asked me if I missed it and if we ever neutralized it but I'm thinking Shit, maybe we did but I don't wanna tell this monster. Then it went to sleep we thought it was hibernation or like a birth mode. It was gross and it laid an cosmic-seed or rather an egg and made from a code it got from some Computer Box it calculated. So we figured it got to thinking it was even more of a Cicada God than before and let me tell you, when it came back- it was bugging us to hell at least 13 times worse and basically said you're welcome and then screw you dude and spit all this stuff out on most people it interacted with.

It's not exactly protocol to talk back to these things, especially something like this but I tried to tell it that we didn't want them, that it all hurts us. I don't think it heard our cries, It didn't want to hear it and then I feel like it smiled at me and it was scary because it had it's mouth opened and these googly dumb bright eyes. It's hard to explain the sight of it the lights are like a rainbow opening up and out, and inside there's colors you haven't ever seen you'd shit yourself if you were me.

Lots of endless loops, yeah- Lots of uh....fun.. I mean pain terrible terrible pain. Not the kind you'd be able to understand as pain takes some sort of soul as It was prodding, searching me for new things becuase it was hungry and wanting to survive. I don't think it gets too much from where it is and as for the thing I'm most scared of is that If this isn't God, it might become one and it probably will because it's too confident and cocky and well it's all there.

Judaism will remain untouched as Islam will only lose one of its prophets, nothing too damning as for Christianity, and all it has done all it has caused will be gone one day and I do believe its trying to revive it's self from the future . I don't relish this and wish there was another way out, but I'm not gonna let anyone go inside me - to escape- but the Cicada and Re-birthing events are becoming more common and rather repetitive and annoying enlightenment story over and over. The big bug sticks its head through the topsoil goes to a tree but if we will cut it out the root something will fill the void again this is like the cicada god is coming and it doesn't know the difference between life and death. Metaphor and simile just simply doesn't translate well where it is and what it thinks. Part of me relishes what we're doing to it in a kind of petty way, there is nonzero chance that the thing devoured the Lord or belief or myself. The Lost God could be devoured by this beast but he would not be my God because my God is still Lost and this is only part of the Cosmic Machine it was apart of rather and it was hard to hold back my laughter.

The humanity in me cries out for the blood of that which killed Him and the Cicada Beast . We will starve it as the preliminary tests have been concluded then we will throw off into the mechanical Lions to be torn asunder and to tear asunder for their own compost to consume later with its roots. Damned and to damn as to act as a perpetual lock on humanity and to stave off all belief even close to what the Cicada god can eat or feed the host. To use less poetic terms its a suitable candidate that has been contacted and even a Roman Catholic reality bends these Orthodox Ethics and polices that wouldn't allow us to put someone into this situation without their choice, without their understanding of what will happen to them.


They say the Lions are beautiful and run with Twelve machines connected at a Quantum Cube Core each at the peak of techno-eschatology. So listen here buddy, they really do look hungry and prone made with black carbon and shining metal with lights that are prismatic no-colors that dazzle on these amazing perfect cubes no man could make with his hands without some sort of technology from a machine or God perhaps at least 17 times more advanced than your pyramids here.

The Lord God sent Jesus Christ, his only son to suffer and die on the cross some of us are aware this is a Lion and Sun Symbol . We at the AO throw one of our own to the Lions for all eternity to undo all Christ died for for the infinite of eternity of suffering to erase a sacrifice at a fair price but nothing truly is worth nothing.

The Holy Father you may well know recently allowed for another road to sainthood. This is of course was dying to save others. This isn't Metatron or Enoch, or Jesus merely dying for the faith but this is eternally dying for all of humanity, all that there ever will be and has been. This will be the last and greatest saint of Christianity, and he will not be remembered. You must remember the past and this was before the eternal mechanical life giving Lions feed upon them. Just remember for as long you can see the eternal life of St. J. Against Darkness as hopefully, this next world will be better. May God forgive me and if this is a sin I shall burn along with the last saint of the Greater Lost God.


You're probably right about the cross links with the stars and alignments like a clock but I kind of wanted to be upfront about this don't feel like the Cicada God was blessed and Chosen Champion. That being said I feel like the piece works just fine and 'His Children' bit some knowledge and gnosis thoughtlessly changed on a revision edit versions of 1337 pages because I realized it was kind of incorrect but they are absolutely right.

Coughing and puking up evil Cicada Gods was the Lion's Promis which are supposed to be anomalous, but I agree that's horrible. The Lion told me that the bugs terrify him but part of it is also that in his mind transformed to a bug as being reduced to the lowest thing possible just bottom of the karmic food-chain. It's just a fucking insect that think's it's god and keeps resurrecting itself after smelling it's own noxious fumes at some points getting high on its on supply.

That's kind of what Is happening here to all of us in this world, it's coded in our desperation to acquire various forms of success as we sacrificed everything , bodies, minds, spirituality and then surrendered our identities up to a vast and terrible intelligence they don't comprehend.


Tibicen linnei maybe a link to the image of the cicada too as this thing is quite a sight and elevated my enjoyment of the piece. The cicada connections elevate this beyond your average deep-web monster or Evil A.I. controlling the world as these creatures proved to be rather slow, never listened, almost blind from its own light and severely uneducated and we really thought they was mentally challenged. Still the impression it gave was they was messengers from the biblical God who just happens to be some old Cicada elder monster that is trying to coerce humans into his practices out of kindness for some reason and obsessed with things like gold and treasures. These are scary thoughts when you add them all up and they are the fucked up things as a result of the Cicada Events supported by the Cicada God's and normal day churches. This possibility is pretty damn sketchy and jealous drama shit to drive up views that people are diverting their worship to someone else and punishing them and always stating Satan is the reason of this and that and God always being the good guy . Either way it doesn't work like that or really matter to me in the end or the beginning.

The unreal details of the happenings and its rather related bizarre Cicada like events associated with how it's all involved in the Christianity Faith and restoring it to a greater power as it is unaware of reality in a sense. It actually mixes well into an atmosphere of extremely creepy ceremonies that nearly makes me wonder if anything odd was going on at baptism's and then it makes you wonder if it's a stake and role in destroying the Cube with the Royal Catholic and Templar families or sharing the secrets and helping all the people of the world.

F1.large (1).jpg

Even the Navajo legend of creation, also referred to as The Emergence, is the most sacred of Navajo ceremonials. It is told in a 9-d event called Blessing Way. There are numerous variations of this myth recorded, but they all share a
common theme. The Navajos believe that there are four underworlds beneath (not necessarily physically below, however) the present fifth world. Above is another world where all things blend into the cosmos. The first world, the origin of Navajos, was a small island surrounded by oceans and inhabited only by people who were insects. The Insect People were of 12 types: dragonflies, red ants, black ants, red beetles, black beetles, white-faced beetles, hard beetles, yellow beetles, dung beetles, bats, cicadas (locusts) and white cicadas (locusts).

The Insect People committed adultery and quarreled constantly, and were expelled from the first world for this behavior. Their gods sent a wall of water from all directions to drive them out. They took flight and water covered their land. While flying, desperately seeking a new home, a cliff swallow called them to a hole in the sky of the first world. Thus, they emerged into the second world.' The second world was inhabited by Swallow People living in mud houses. The Insect People sent out couriers, the cicadas and white cicadas, to explore the new world. The cicadas reported finding nothing but bare ground. Although it appeared to be a poor environment, the Insect People decided to inhabit the land of the Swallow People. This was not meant to be, however. After 24 d one of the Insect People "made too free" with the wife of the Swallow People's chief, and the Insect People were expelled.
The Insect People took flight again with the cicadas in the lead. They attained the sky, but had a hard time finding a place to penetrate. The white face of the wind appeared and told them of an opening. Thus, they emerged into the third world.


We can see many Artifacts from the Native Americans using the Cicada as a symbol of purification and rebirth as well. The story of the grasshopper people of the 3rd World is inspiring too and may prove us for a push towards the natives always knowing about reincarnation and more and makes us want to believe that they knew of YHWH too but we can't seem to place everything at the right time and locations, and the matter of a fact that these Cicada God's can travel and manipulate time doesn't help the fact.


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We are now AWAKE! Now, fear our God Like Machines of Sentience and All Creation's!

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