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Business Focus is a new advertising section/category of BitShares News. Our primary focus will be to promote legitimate businesses with proper use-cases of BitShares technology through commercial advertisement, in order to help growth and visibility of such individuals and blockchain in general.

PalmPay is a mobile app for accepting cryptocurrency payments at any point-of-sale. Restaurants, cafe/bars, taxis, grocery stores, exporters, etc can use PalmPay to accept one or more cryptocurrencies, free of charge. The available API also enables merchants to integrate PalmPay with their existing billing systems if desired. Merchants' BitShares accounts collect the payments, and can auto-convert them to stable Smartcoins of local currency equivalent for the merchant.

"... To attain proper pricing and fiat currency equivalents, PalmPay has chosen the bitEUR Smartcoin as its primary anchor by default. However, bitRUBLE and many other reliable sources can easily be switched to such as bitSilver or HONEST.USD" - Ken Code, Agorise Ltd., Developer of PalmPay

Why does PalmPay use BitShares?

Apart from the blazing fast 1.5 second average transaction times - The BitShares Blockchain is above all a network protocol with a huge immutable database and even greater ecosystem. Businesses are free to build on top of the technology - even utilizing BitShares' own database of 40+ open-source dapps and tools, thus making it more accessible and feasible towards any new development.

Since fee income empowers the BitShares network (i.e. BTS core tokens), services offered on top are power for both the provider and the blockchain (BTS reserve pool).

100% NATURAL (Acapulco) restaurant chain now accepting Bitcoin, Steem, BTS, Monero & more with PalmPay

"100% Natural" is the latest Company to deploy the PalmPay cryptocurrency Point-of-Sale (POS). The Dapp is based on the BitShares blockchain and available on the Google (Android) Play Store.

Company in Acapulco deploys PalmPay
100% Natural Accepts BTS - Acapulco, Mexico

The PalmPay developers also offer an open-source wallet app called 'BiTSy' aimed at consumers. Likewise, BiTSY is loved by PalmPay merchants worldwide since it helps you to manage your Loyalty Points earned, eReceipts, a growing Tellers network, and even contains a real-time map of all available offers in your desired area.

Find the BiTSy wallet in the Google Play Store

If you attend Anarchapulco next month, then you can find at least 30 outlets accepting BitShares' core token BTS and many other cryptos. Merchants include hotels, stores, attractions, apartment rentals, boat charters, utilities and more. You might even be able to survive on cryptocurrency alone in Acapulco! The Director of Tourism there even refers to it as #Criptopulco now on his Twitter page. Let us know if you're planning to attempt this, so we can do an exclusive feature with you!

NOTICE: takes zero liability and gives zero warranty for 3rd products and (d)apps featured on this website. Recommendation is to use a 'burner' or 'foldingbill' account when trying out 3rd party cryptocurrency apps.

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#Criptopulco is growing fast, so if you're looking to dump your bank account and live on crypto, Acapulco is definitely the place to move to.

#Criptopulco is growing fast, so if you're looking to dump your bank account and live on crypto, sunny Acapulco is definitely the place to move to.

They got my business. If I'm ever in town.

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