A God Among Men - Part 1

Hi everyone! I haven't been in the mindset to write lately, but I'm really looking to shake off the rust and get back in the game. So here I'm at the starting line with the first part to a story that, well, I'm not sure how long it will be. I'm going to be posting these short snippets as I put myself back into my writing even more.

Please, enjoy this story. All content within are the @OriginalWorks of myself.

A God Among Men - Part 1

Magma flowed downhill. I could see smoke in the air, ash falling all around me. I tasted the bitterness of it, that foul flavor budding on my tongue. I lowered my arms and watched the Earth heave once more before settling in for the long Winter ahead. It was done. I had finished my work. Now I, too, could rest for the coming Winter.

I am Telarik, one of the Elder Gods. I am the Wind-Rider. I thrive among the stars and planets. Their peace is my own.

I rest among wildflowers now, their colors usurping the horizon of vivid hues. I put down roots and sink into the very earth, it’s cool moisture locking inside my own form. I feel the void and slip inside its orb. It is nothing less than I deserve for the great work that I do. Mortals know little about the workings of the Universe, but they will know me. I will make sure of it. My eyes slide shut and I begin to drift among my dreams. Here I am all-knowing and all-seeing, able to fling myself among the stars.

The darkness enfolds before me like all the stardust in the Universe, draping its beautiful cover over the expansive black. I walk unhindered through the cosmos, moving the worlds as needed. I know the futures of all things based on my actions, but even I in my infinite power am still held in check by an even greater Universal Truth that is beyond my knowledge, a balance that must be met and accepted each and every time that I move between worlds.

There it is, that’s the one I wish to visit. There is a young woman there that has captured my eye. A beauty in blue scales and the rhythm of the oceans. Her call is Vonne and she shall be mine. I must take my leave of the dream world to walk among the physical realm. I relax my mind and fade from the dark plane. My eyes flit open as I am grown from root and vine into the form I choose to use.

I am Heru in this world, a lithe warrior of the Fingol Tribes. I have loved her these many years as she has grown into womanhood and I into the fine specimen of the Fingols. I have nobody in my path but myself and Tripsyn, the Elder’s Nephew. He is a fine man, but I shine above him.

(To be continued)

Thank you for reading Part 1! I hope you enjoyed and will look for Part 2 coming soon.


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great writing

Thank you very much. I just keep trying to hone my skills, and Steemit has been a great asset to that end.

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