AGFA -- First Response Video to the In-step passing exercise.

in agfacademy •  4 months ago

I'm pretty excited to have finally shared my very first video of the In-step pass challenge by AGFA... @bait002 and I talked about it and decided to meet up at the city's university field to do the exercise last weekend.

Though it took me a while to finally upload the response video today, I'm happy this whole thing took me off the couch into doing something I used to love; Playing football.

I did feel really heavy at practice though, It's been a long time since I last played and this was quite the experience. However, within a short time, I grew right into it.

Thanks for the opportunity to train, and thanks for uniting young football lovers from different parts of the globe. This is one unique project that I feel proud of being a part of.

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Good touch mate! CR7 and Messi would be jealous hahahah

By the way, El Clasico is in like 13 hours, I think this one is not going to be as fun as those from previous years, but still, it is another Clasico :D


OMG you watched this! 🤓 I was hoping no one does because I looked chubby.

🏃 now I just feel like hiding. Lol...

Thanks man

I watched it from start to finish and you guys looked like you were having fun...keep at it and you'll lose all the unwanted flesh. Cheers